A little less sand in your pit

I noticed this via the Nosy Gamer’s excellent blog:


It is a quote by CCP Ytterbium on the EO forums:


In short – CCP want to look at reducing the effectiveness of High Security Stations to make Low Sec more interesting.

It doesn’t seem to me as though Low Sec will actually get any more interesting – it will just be that High Sec gets less interesting.

I wonder if CCP understands that subte difference?

It will be interesting to see what lengths CCP will go, to force us to play the game their way. I expect if they ever reached such a goal, I will have long since moved on.

5 thoughts on “A little less sand in your pit

  1. Let me get this straight…

    They intend to bork hisec stations in order to try to pussy-whip ‘carebears’ into lowsec to get their faces stamped on?

    That doesn’t really sound like a very productive idea. Good way to make people quit the game tho.

  2. The effect is CCP tampering with the sandbox yet again for the people in Low and Null sec and force people to leave the game. Why does it not compute to CCP that they could just attempt to make Low sec unique and interesting with more interesting game play vs keep taking away from what make High sec what it is.

    I have no problem with leaving the game when the time is right. A gentle push will do just fine.

    • Just thinking about that a bit more, i guess if high stations are too good and CCP want to push people out of high sec stations, then even more savy players will just likely move to setting up POS’s for their needs.

    • I expect it comes down to development costs. Changing refinery rates or the like on Empire Stations will probably just require a couple scripts written to update the database. Developing something new and unique for Low Sec would require a whole lot more effort.

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