Riding rollercoasters

Saturday saw the obligatory PI and trade runs, and then I moved some stuff between my Low and NPC Null Sec bases. I teed up another EVE session on Sunday while the family was out – but I just couldn’t be bothered to log in. Some days EVE doesn’t have the allure it once did.

One of Jester’s recent blogs was on the current topic of High Sec Station nerfing.


He pointed out that changes won’t hit tranquility any time soon, and suggested technically how little impact some of the proposals would have. Empire Industrialists should chill.

Personally however I am not concerned about the mechanics or its timing. EVE changes; you update your spreadsheets, adjust, and move on.

No – the problem for me is what CCP Ytterbium means. “We do want to have a look at reducing high-security stations effectiveness to make other areas of space more interesting.” In other words, CCP would like to make Empire less attractive, so that more people would move out of it.


You would assume because they want more players to be exposed to ship based PVP in Low and Null Sec.


Well, because that is the sort of game CCP has suggested that they want. More people out of Empire mean more ships exploding.

What happens however if you don’t actually enjoy PVP? What if you play EVE for different reasons? What if you have been playing EVE for years, relishing in its sandpit nature, but now find CCP keeps hinting that you will be rewarded for playing their preferred version of the game, and punished if you don’t.

But I am already in low sec and 0.0, and even in Wormholes occasionally – why do I care?

Because going there as I want to is a whole different mindset than being forced there.

But EVE is a PVP game!

I know that too. I am competing with other players for PI, mining, rats, exploration sites, trading and so on. I accept and even like the fact I am a target every time I undock, and I play accordingly. I take some pride in avoiding PVP – not by sitting in Empire or staying docked, but by being cautious, paying attention, using scouts, and never forgetting about my lower position on the food chain.  I don’t even mind if I am out played and lose a ship.  I just don’t particularly enjoy ship based PVP.

I distinctly remember the first time I rode on some of the more scary carnival rides at our local country show. I tried several out on the day. I watched the other kids around me screaming and laughing at the delight of feeling scared, and I remember calmly thinking, “I don’t really like this sensation.” I tried a few more times as I got older, but it was always the same. I just did not find them fun.

It’s the same with PVP. I find it intriguing and somewhat dispassionately interesting, but I simply don’t like the anticipation nerves or subsequent adrenaline surge.

You can banter around all the cliché’s you want on being risk adverse, or needing to lose or kill a few ships – but I’ve done both, and you know what? It’s like being back on those old carnival rides. Why would I force myself to do something I simply don’t like, and frankly am never likely to enjoy?

I took the forum comment as CCP looking at ways to force players into Ship based PVP.  I know the sentiment is melodramatically. I also have to acknowledge that part of my reaction comes from being rather obstinate. My natural inclination when anyone is trying to manipulate me into doing something I don’t want is to say “screw you”. But getting past that – I am left with an underlying worry that EVE, a game I’ve loved for years and found plenty to do in, might be morphing into something I will no longer want to play.  Maybe no time soon – but I worry that it migt be one of CCP’s long term goals..

2 thoughts on “Riding rollercoasters

  1. Even before these changes are implemented, you find yourself not always wanting to log in. I have played different games for long periods of time and have the same feelings at times. Sometimes the feeling of fun would be replaced with a feeling of wasting time. Mostly I play games for the escapism. It can be hard to move away from a game that you have a lot invested in but sometimes that’s the right thing for you. It may not be because of the direction of he game so much as the amount of time you already spent playing. Constant changes are one way to keep he game “fresh”. But while everything changes, it also stays the same to some extent and that can drive you away eventually too.

    I’m enjoying Diablo3 right now mostly because it is totally different. I don’t think I’ll be playing it for long but it’s a nice change of pace…

  2. My feelings on this are the same as yours. I have no real interest in ship vs ship pvp. I accept the consequences of inevitable combat living in w-space, but I generally try to avoid it. People in hisec are generally safe, but not entirely safe. I see no need to change that or try to “herd” them into more dangerous space just to give the shooters some more easy targets to shoot at.
    On the other hand, if Eve was stagnant and didn’t make changes every once in a while to force players to adapt and evolve, I think it would get pretty boring.

    Good read.

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