To Sort

Hostiles have moved into our main 0.0 staging system, and we might not have enough appropriately skilled and equipped 0.0 pilots to do much about it.

While the numbers look similar on paper, the Corp is spread across many theatres and facets of the game, and bolstered by a large number of alts. Our numbers are further diluted by being active across a wide range of time zones. When you have to focus pilots in the one location at the one point in time, our numbers tend to punch below our weight.

That’s just the reality of it.

There has been some sabre rattling, but the main response has been to retreat a system or two while working out what we and our allies might be able to do about it.

While I don’t actually stage out of the home system, I had spare ships, plus jump and medical clones there.

Over the last week or so I set about moving everything out of that system, and the one next door. The process took a while, waiting out hostiles and roamers, but it only required a little patience and care.

The change did open up a quandary though. The main system I still base out of doesn’t have any medical facilities. That means if I set my medical clone there, I can’t upgrade it after getting podded, which in turn means if I undock I risk losing skill points.

I don’t actually do much in 0.0. I do a small amount of ratting and trading, or help move stuff for someone, or on rare occasion I might join a fleet. Mostly I just provide Intel on hostiles. My time spent down there is more for a change of scenery than a life style. As such I have moved my medical clone back to empire, and relocated my carriers into low sec. If I get podded down there, I can update my clone and grab implants in empire, and make my back via carrier or covert ops.

I also had 2 jump clones down there, so I took the opportunity to move one of them back for future use in Low Sec. I also moved back some of my ships, given I now only have the one 0.0 location I am operating out of. In sorting out those, I somehow ended up moving most all of my ships and spares back to a central station with plans to update the fits and amalgamate everything into the mobile bases I have been using for a while.

The collection of stuff is a little overwhelming – around 15B ISK worth.

So the plan is to have…

. A Central Store
Medical Clone & central location of various collectible’s, faction loot, and special ships

. Mobile Mining Base (+5 Clone)
2 Orca’s, mix of Mining Ships

. Mobile Mission Base (+4 Clone)
2 Orca’s, salvager and several mission ships, including T3

. Mobile Exploration Base (+4 Clone)
1 Orca, ships mostly focused on high sec

. Mobile Low Sec Base (+3 Clone)
1 Orca, ships mostly focused on Low Sec and Wormholes

. Paired NPC 0.0 and Low Sec Capital Base (+3 Clone)
2 carriers and PVP ships

. A wormhole roaming setup (+3 Clone)
1 T3, 1 Support


I still haven’t forgotten about the Wormhole roam. My Corp keeps putting out requests to ensure you minimise your losses, and if you are going to PVP, make sure it is in NPC 0.0

I really need to trick out each of the clones with the appropriate implants. For example my main alt has about 12 days left on Mining Director, and I plan on buying him a Mining Foreman Mindlink for use at the Mining Base.

I am hoping by restricting myself to whatever fits within the Orca/s associated with each function, I will cut right back on the number of ship hulls and spares I’ve ended up with.

I’ll have to start off by buying myself 3 more Orca’s…