An overview of Change

EVE continues its evolution, with a long string tweaks, tier to role and nerfs slotted in for the Winter Release. There have been such a large volume of Blog and Forum posts about these that I was overloaded with information. This morning I decided to sit down, read all the basics, and consider what impact it might have on my own game.

The main overview of the most of the changes can be found here (which provides most of the links I have duplicated below, so in effect, most of this blog can be ignored.)

The Frigate Changes:

Combat Frigates (Kestrel, Tristan, Breacher)


Exploration Frigates (Magnate, Heron, Imicus, Probe)


EW Frigates (Crucifier, Griffin, Maulus and Vigil)


Support Frigates (& Remote Repair Modules) (Inquisitor, Bantam, Navitas, Burst)


Ore Frigate


I generally don’t fly frigates anymore, so in the grand scheme of things these changes don’t impact me that much.

My Cyno ship of choice is the Probe – and since its fitting options appear to be getting a little easier, I don’t see any need to change that.

Several of my low SP Alt’s use the Probe as a small cargo hauler. They can currently be configured to carry 989m3. The new versions lose the Cargo bonus (5% per skill level), but the base capacity goes from 320 to 400m3, and they get an extra low slot. It looks like they will still be useful for that purpose. The Imicus could also be used as a Mini Hauler.

The stats for the Ore mining frigate are interesting. An Ore hold of 5,000m3 and a standard +2 Warp Core Stab. They will also require a new skill – Mining Frigate, which has a rank of 2. They also can carry 2 Drones – although are (as you would expect) paper thin.

There was one odd comment in the forum post “fast hull capable of mining in hostile space (even if the current value of high-sec ores defeats this quite a bit, but that’s another problem)”. I hope CCP don’t forget that it is the market which has set the price of minerals – impacted directly by their changes to things like drone and loot drops.


Existing Destroyers (Coercer, Cormorant, Catalyst, Thrasher)

This also includes fitting changes for the smallest beam and pulse lasers (1 PWG and -1CPU), and a damage buff to all light missiles (damage +10%, explosion radius from 50 to 40.)

One of my alts uses a Thrasher for PVE, but mostly I just use the Cormorant as my hull of choice for Salvaging after the Noctis. The Cormorant will lose 15 CPU, but should still be able to fit the 4xT2 Salvager / 4xT2 Tractor beam setup I like. It even picks up an extra low slot for more cargo capacity.


Support cruisers (Augoror, Osprey, Exequror, Scythe)

This includes information on reduced fitting requirements for medium remote rep’ers.

Sadly my favorite hauler – the Exequror, loses it Cargo bonuses. It is however still workable as it will now get 6 lows. You can also still fit the same shield buffer tank.


Disruption cruisers (Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis, Bellicose)

I use the Arbitrator in Low Sec at times, and I have an Anti Frigate Celestis setup I like. Both fittings should remain plausible.


Attack cruisers (Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber)

This includes dropping fitting requirements on medium sized guns.


Combat cruisers (Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture)

I didn’t notice a post on these yet.


Missiles and Hurricane

Basically heavy missiles will have their base range reduced by 25%, and the base damage by 20%. This is so that they come more in line with Artillery and other long range turret options. Tracking enhancers and disruption modules will also impact them. (That one I don’t mind so much.)

They are also reducing the Powergrid on the Hurricane so that the current standard fits will need to be nerfed a little. That will impact me – an Armor Hurricane is probably the main ship I undock with if there are hostiles in local.

I’m in two minds about the Heavy Missile changes. It will certainly impact PVE, and I might have to reconsider using HAM’s instead. Will have to wait and see on that one.


There are also several threads on improving the Inventory UI and a request for new Module ideas.

Improving Inventory UI

Inventory UI suggestions

New module suggestions


They are also going to change the base rat AI.

This I don’t mind, although it is a PVE ISK nerf, particularly as tanks will become more important.


Last of all there was this comment in one of the threads on T3’s by CCP Ytterbium (again)

“Tech3 ships need to be put down, like a rabid dog drooling everywhere in the house, they are out of line”

They do and they are? You haven’t noticed that they tend to be faction fitted, and cost 3 to 4 times more than the nearest fitted T2 Cruisers? If you only T2 fit them, they tend not to be brilliant. That is one area I actually don’t want to see CCP mess up. The T3 ships are fun and interesting.

So for me personally, generally mild nerfs on some of the utility ships I use, and a nerf on my PVE which I will have to review after the changes go live.

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