The Mining Base Undocks

After a particularly arduous fortnight of my wife adding hours every day to my already busy schedule, I took a selfish tablet yesterday and spent it logged into EVE and ignoring RL.

The result of that was the first of my serviced and updated mobile bases undocking from my central store this morning. It has been a laborious process, much of it spent in EFT, with numerous visits to Jita and Amarr to buy different implants and fittings.

It might look underwhelming from the outside, but it has resulted in a massive reduction in the volume of assets I had collected and stored all over the place. My “To Sell” container for example has around 3.5B ISK worth in it, and my “To Sort” container (which should mostly all go to be sold) has 6B ISK worth in it. There is also a spare Orca to sell, as I ended up not needing it.

My first completed base is used for mining. It contains a Buzzard for finding hidden belts, a PVE Retribution (because there was room in the Orca), and an Ares Interceptor which is used as a glorified shuttle.

There are no PVP ships or supplies onboard – best not to do anything silly with the implants on those particular jump clones. (My Main has around 600M ISK of implants, and my main Alt 1.6B ISK.)

Reviewing the various mining vessel options took a substantial amount of time. I ended up with a minimum of 4 for each of the mining hulls for –

Ore – Yield
Ore – Tanked
Ice – Yield
Ice – Tanked

(The exception was for the Procurer and Skiff, both of which were over tanked already with a Yield fit.)

I also had variations for fits with and without a 2% CPU implant, and a number directed at being used in Low Sec. So all in all, I settled on some 30 fits across the hull options.

There were some basic premises to keep in mind for this mobile base:

. My Alt would spend all his time in the Orca boosting and hauling
. All mining would be done in Empire
. I would need one hull for Ore, and one for Ice
. At least half the mining would be with the Corporation, which can attract attention
. Tank would be more important than Yield

I could discount the Retriever and Covetor as options quickly – their T2 variants tanked noticeable better. I could also discount the Skiff simply as I didn’t need the extra tank, so the greater cost wasn’t’ justified.

That left the Hulk, Mackinaw and Procurer.

The Ore hold wasn’t so important here, but with my current skills the Mackinaw came out clearly on top:

Mackinaw – 35,000m3
Procurer – 12,000m3
Hulk – 8,500m3


The base Ore yield on my skills with T2 Strip miners, no implants and no boosts:

Hulk – yield – 1,506m3/min, 15.7K EHP
Hulk – tank – 1,451m3/min, 23.8K EHP
Mackinaw – yield – 1,392m3/min, 19.8K EHP
Mackinaw – tank – 1,043m3/min, 31.1K EHP
Procurer – yield – 1,002m3/min, 61.4 EHP

The sweet spot is obviously the tanked Hulk.


The base Ice yield on my skills with T2 Ice Harvesters, no implants and no boosts:

Hulk – yield – 784m3/min, 14.6 EHP
Mackinaw – yield – 754m3, 19.8K EHP *
Hulk – tank – 714m3/min, 22.6K EHP
Mackinaw – tank – 686m3/min, 28.5K EHP
Procurer – yield – 659m3, 60.K EHP *

(* Needs 2% CPU Implant)

What took me a little by surprise was just how good the Procurer was in comparison to a tanked ice mining Mackinaw – its yield was only 4% less, with double the EHP and at a fraction of the cost. The local Ice field tends to get its fair share of Suicide Gankers, so somewhat unexpectedly, I have happily settled on using a Procurer for my Ice mining.

I had thought I would need two Orca’s to carry all the mining vessels, but I ended up only needing one to carry the Hulk and Procurer, with room to spare. This freed up an extra Hulk, 2 Mackinaw and a Covetor which had originally been stored at my mining base.


As an aside – I wonder at how successful the Jita scams are now. I remember a time (long, long ago) when only around 20% of the posts in local were scams. Now it is literally more like 95% are scams. How successful are they in such an environment when it is frankly not worth anyone’s time to actually look at Local?

As another aside – is there a trick or an exploit available with fleeting up with someone under a war declaration?  I thought with the rule changes, you were safe to do so, assuming you did not aid them through remote repair or remote sensor boosting or the like.  I had someone harping in local for help in a mission who was under a War Dec.  The fact he was making the same effort in multiple systems would lead me to suspect he knew a reliable way of flagging people who joined his fleet as valid targets to those who had war dec’d him.