Time to take stock


There was another reason for me moving most of my assets into the one location and getting them sorted. I’ve been trying to decide if I would step away from EVE or not. The catalyst for this wasn’t really anything specific about the game itself – but continued long term difficulties in Real Life which often turn my EVE sessions into aggravation instead of fun.

Actually – that sounds lamely melodramatic. Basically for the last 5 or 6 years my wife hasn’t coped as well with the kids or her career as she would have liked. That complicates life. This year in particular has seen the kids deciding it works out better to favour Dad over Mum for many of their needs, and I am spending at least two hours extra every day on their morning and night routines, ferrying them around, and being more frequently interrupted.

While the extra time with the kids has its upsides, I really did not have 2 hours a day spare. Something has to give – and EVE was the obvious target. I gathered all my assets together with the view of making them easily accessible for whenever I could return. The problem though (as the mouse hovered over the unsubscribe button) was my frame of mind – a mix of martyrdom and resentment.

So that was probably not the best of ideas then. Instead I am going to give up on the relatively small number of TV shows I still try to watch, read less online news, plus I hear sanity is over rated, so I can probably give that up too.


So where does that leave me in EVE?

I am happy with how the fitted out and self-contained mobile homes have been updated. There is one for Mission Running, one for Mining, one for Hi Sec Exploration and one for Low Sec Exploration (which is the new one). I’m just finishing up the process of moving them back into the right location with the right jump clones.

I am currently trying to work out which Low Sec pocket I will base myself out. I’ll stay clear of the Faction Warfare zones, and am looking for quieter back waters which won’t be permanently camped by pirates. The short list includes areas of Derelik, Khanid, Kor-Azor or Solitude.

I also have to decide if I stay with my current Corp. I’ve actually made no real connections with any of the other pilots, which is an embarrassing reflection on me given the amount of time I’ve been a member. It also gives me a level of angst that Real Life means I really can’t be that involved. I am active on their forums, appreciate most of the in channel banter, and if I am in the right place at the right time, I’ll help members out. But RL forces me to play a solo game most of the time where I have to be able to walk away at a moment’s notice.

I don’t really have any new and far reaching goals. I just want to be able to log in when I can, and appreciate the distraction that EVE is. I might well just concentrate on playing the game in the exact opposite way that CCP would like me to.  I’m spiteful like that.

4 thoughts on “Time to take stock

  1. I suffer a similar fate then you, moved to new house, net does not work at the moment and RL takes 90% of my time, so how can we commit to a game that requires so much “effort” ?

    I think the answer is the way we can, and trying to get the most of it we can, but sure we might miss allot, but what can we really do?

    RL owns all.

  2. I gave up TV this year. However I’m playing EVE less overall this year and at this point spending less time keeping up with all things EVE news related. I’m just spending more time enjoying playing more variety of games for my enjoyment vs enjoyment and growing bitterness from just one game played.

    I guess it’s tougher trying to have fun playing EVE with all the distraction of life impacting that enjoyment. I guess you can only adapt your playstyle to the time you usually have to play.

  3. I know the problem is mostly with me. Ignoring the interruptions, which are more of an aggravation, I struggle most with not being able to pull my weight at a fleet / corp level. Damn my parents for installing such ethics.

    (Ouch Allthurus – no net access!?! That would kill me. 🙂 Ardent – I’ve also had to cut back on my EVE forum and news site reading. This overall issue is a common theme in my EVE blogging – hoping that CCP considers all those 30+ players with RL pressures who want to play the game, but just can’t at the level it can often demand.)

    • @ Evehermit, Yup for almost a week now, but with some luck I may get it sorted today, so I can enjoy it at the weekend, during the “forced offline time”, I was able to play some of my off linesingle player games in steam, and use net at work to read blogs and such about eve. TV its almot none existent, only sometimes the new and some tv shows I try to follow.
      Rest is game time when possible.

      And now you mention it, I am also one of those+30 players and RL takes a heavy chuck of our time, so we can only adapt and survive, we cant really invest the free time newer play has like the ones that are still in school.

      So maybe we play more the “social” aspect because of have no choice.

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