The Loot Gods

I decided on the low sec area I would target, and moved the Orca to the closest high sec staging point. To test out the effectiveness of my Pilgrim fit, I scanned down a couple of sites in the local system. I wasn’t 100% sure on how effective it would be in comparison to my other scanning ships: (Probe Strength shown below)

Hi Sec, Buzzard – 130
Hi Sec, Legion – 118
Low Sec, Buzzard – 119
Low Sec, Pilgrim – 83

(It is fitted with a Sisters Core Probe Laucher, Sister Core Scanner Probe, two Gravity Capacitor Upgrade rigs, and the AP-602, AQ-702 and AR-802 implants.)

I scanned down a Drone 3 of 10 DED site and a moderately hard Gravimetric site fairly quickly and painlessly enough – so it should be workable. The combat site was called Rogue Drone Asteroid infestation. I ran that just because I had 15 minutes spare, and it seemed a good way to shake down the use of the ship. In the final room one of the containers dropped a Faction mod worth just shy of 100M.

EVE is like that – it has a strange sense of humor when it comes to rewarding your efforts.

I’ll take the Buzzard into Low Sec next and start the long process of bookmarking safes and scouting perches, and getting familiar with the locals.

Meanwhile I have made a start on the asset sell off. Once again I am back in amongst the trading bots and oddly incompetent humans. 1.6B has been sold in 12 hours, but I have more than 500 more lots to transport and post. That might take a while.