Garage Sale

My industry Alt was at a trade hub, in the earlier stages of selling off all that collected junk. The EVE client suggests I had 8B ISK worth. It will be interesting to see where reality lies. The whole process is going to take a while, particularly as I started mid-week while the market is slower. Still, I am relatively pleased so far:

2.0B Sold / In the Bank
1.3B On the Market
1.8B Waiting to be put on Market
3.1B Waiting to be transported to Market
8.2B New estimated worth

At least we are tracking in the right direction. One last round of the 0.01 ISK game, throwing up an extra dozen lots, and I then steer the Alt back towards her home system.

A short update of her local trade orders, and then I run her full PI Cycle.

I then swap to the PI Alt and complete her PI Cycle.

I find if I concentrate, I can generally complete each planet’s update in between the time I hit warp to the customs office, and the time I actually land next to it. This means I spend very little time sitting around.

PI done and a bit over 20M of final profits made, I swap back to my Industry Alt. I load up her Orca with more stuff to sell and head back to the Trade hub. Downtime then interrupts me, and I notice the news box mention it will be an extra-long one. Damn you CCP, I was on a roll and had plans today. Plans!!


After DT I log in my main and his Alt, and do the last jump clone swap / implant plug-in. This is for the Wormhole roaming ships. It is getting too late to do much, but I again practice scanning. 3 Combat sites, 2 Magnetometric, and 2 wormholes. Each one takes around 2 minutes to find, which I am relatively pleased with.

While probing a Heavy Interdictor appears on scan, with a hull name and pilot Corp that suggests they are from a Wormhole. As my probes close in on one of the holes the ship leaves local. I am guessing he is waiting on the other side hoping I jump through. (Although frankly I have no proof of that, and am just overly paranoid.)

It is getting late, so I just run two of the Mag Sites. Just, well, because. They only take a couple minutes each, and I come away with 15M of loot.  (High Sec Exploration isn’t normally this rewarding.)

Of course that is not the role of these ships, so I drop the loot off and decide to explore the wormholes in the morning.


I wake with another headache, which makes something like 7 from the last 9 days. Damn allergies. I’m not in the best of shape, but when the wife and kids head out to visit friends, I take the opportunity to undock the Loki and supporting Falcon and go visit one of the Wormhole’s I found last night, in to a C3.

Scouting the system shows up one POS on the furthest planet with large bubbles, lots of containers and small weaponry. I don’t both warping to it. A low number of anomalies and quiet dotlan stats for the last 12 hours suggest no one is home, so I launch probes.

4 Signatures turn out to be a Grav, Ladar and 2 Wormholes. The new hole leads out to Cache in Null. I potter around out there but find no Signatures, and with my head screaming, I return back through the C3 and back to Empire to dock up.

It has been good to be so active in game over the last week.