Rock Munching

The Corp thief, or thieves, are still at it. Initially the Hi Sec Corporate Hangers were raided. Sometime later it was the turn of the Null Sec hangers. Now it is the Wormhole POS, with expensive ships removed along with hangers and containers cleared.

There are a large number of people in the Corp, so it is difficult to guess at who the culprit might be. I imagine it will be someone who joined within the last 4 or 5 months, who has passed the initial probation period but doesn’t hold a senior rank. While there has been some effort to put all assets into audit containers and the like, I get the impression people just dump stuff in the open hangers, particularly donations, which can build up over time.

The ISK value is unlikely to be anything worth writing home about, but the impact is poisonous. Some have already suggested that they will be leaving the wormhole for good, and you can’t help but feel people are eyeing off those next to them, wondering if they are the culprit. In more hardcore Corps it tends to be the leadership who rob the coffers of large sums of ISK, but even these small value heists can be damaging for a Corps morale & trust.

It might be an individual who doesn’t have the fortitude to handle the temptation, or joined specifically for the purpose, or it might even be a spy, such as from the group currently working to oust the Alliance from its corner of NPC 0.0.

I don’t use any of the Corporation supplies, and don’t store anything in their hangers. My main concern (aside the damage to the fabric of the Corp) is if the thief decides to burn themselves in their last 24 hours with the Corp by awoxing.

The sell-off continues. It is a bit of a laborious struggle to be honest. The stuff left to go onto the market makes up just under 500 lots, which is a lot of orders still to be placed.

4.4B Sold / In the Bank
1.7B On the Market
2.0B Waiting to be put on Market
8.1B New estimated value

Ok, time to log the main Toons in.

This is my one religious weekend of the year, where my wife keeps the kids out of my hair and the nagging to a somewhat lower level, and leaves me to my worship. I get to watch all the pre-race and full day race coverage for the Bathurst 1000 (an iconic car race in Australia which happens to be celebrating its 50th year anniversary).

I remember sitting down in the lounge room when I was around 11 or 12, and spending the entire day watching the race. Ever since then I have watched it religiously each year. I can’t explain what the allure is, and I certainly did not get it from anyone else in my family. It has just always captured my attention.

So I am not likely to be doing much that requires concentrating – so I jump to my +5 Mining Clone and decided to mine.

It took a little while to get the ships sorted, pointed in the right direction, set the station as a waypoint, boosts working (had to drop and recreate fleet), and finally get into the flow of changing crystals, scanning, moving ore etc.

The end result of maybe an hour’s effort was 19M ISK worth of minerals. Not too bad. It follows my osmosis approach of just earning bits and bobs here and there, and having it all add up to something worthwhile.

One thought on “Rock Munching

  1. If your leadership has full api keys you can do a scan of a character’s inventory and find out if they have assets they aren’t supposed to have. A corp thief can always make a grab at unsecured items but if it continues it is a leadership failure.

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