Fire sale for Chump Change

I had had enough. I cancelled all the fire sale lots and moved the remainder to Jita. I gave them 24 hours on the market to clear before just selling to buy orders or refining. I could have persevered and eked out another 100M or so, but it just wasn’t worth the time or damage to my sanity.

The end result was 7.7B ISK – which is not that far off the client’s suggested value of the haul. For me it is a lot of ISK – literally a couple years of ISK generation. It won’t be used for any great money making scheme – it just allows me to play and experiment with most of what the game has to offer.

It is however small change in today’s EVE.

A quote from a recent Jester’s Trek post:

“This is so stupid and game-breaking I don’t even know how to express how stupid and game-breaking it is. And it’s going to go on for another two months before it ends, making the pilots involved ridiculously, fabulously, ludicrously rich at the expense of players who aren’t doing it.”

He is of course talking about Faction Warfare plexing, and the income it is generating.

I’ve read blog posts about people making the sort of money I got from the asset sell off in less than a week in FW. I know I could just go and join them – but the concept is actually a game breaker for me.

It can be done with almost no skill, no training or investment, has no risk involved, and can be done with little concentration. You don’t need to PVP, or hold sovereignty, or protect a moon mining POS, or add any value to Faction Warfare. There are plenty of guides out there how to, in effect, print ISK. It can earn you so much ISK that for some time into the future you can play the game with no consequence.

You can only hope that because CCP isn’t in a rush to balance this, that the reports have all been exaggerated…