Moving NPC 0.0 homes

I thought I had finished all my asset shuffling and moving – but I was wrong.

The Corporation announced that it is relocating its NPC 0.0 staging system. In reality someone with more fighters and better ships wanted the old location, so it was somewhat compelled to move.

Since I played no part in trying to harass the new comers, I certainly can’t complain or point a finger about the outcome (unless it was to point it at myself).

The new home station looks to be in a rather busy spot that you can’t really defend. You are also easily camped in. However it does have medical services, so I can set my clone there. I’ve been watching the dotlan statistics, and the traffic volumes were surprisingly low. Hopefully it will work out ok.

While my assets in 0.0 can fit within my two carriers, those said carriers were resting in low sec. (I was forced to store them there as there were no medical facilities in the old station I was basing out of.)

To get the carriers back down to 0.0 and move everything into the new station required a rather convoluted chain of clone jumping, Cyno’s, flying and patience.

My Main and his Alt had a Jump Clone each in the old 0.0 Station. I started by Clone Jumping my Alt down to 0.0, and Clone Jumping my Main into his Wormhole Clone (both Clones being relatively cheap with +3 Implants). I grabbed a Shuttle for my Main and flew the 20 odd jumps to the Low Sec Station where his Carrier was stored.

As things were quiet my Alt was able to open a Cyno, and I jumped the Archon into 0.0. It only took a few minutes to load it up with most of my Assets.

I then flew my Alt across a number of hostile systems and into the new home.

I had to wait a while for visitors to the old and new homes to clear before being able to open a Cyno and jumping in my Main’s Archon.

The new station seems to have a large docking radius – or I get lucky on positioning the first Cyno. Soon after docking the system has more visitors, and I lose my first Cyno ship in over two years. That does not bode well. Never mind.

I don’t actually do much in 0.0. A bit of trade, a bit of NPC killing, a lot of Intel posting, so arguably I’m not much use to the 3 or 4 dozen odd of my Corp mates who do try making a home there. I had thought I would try to do a bit more PVP, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact I am just not that inclined to do solo PVP, and the few times a week I can play without much fear of being interrupted, the 0.0 home is very quiet and no group roams are run. I’ve thought long and hard about just pulling out of the area, but I do get a perverse pleasure of moving about and living there on occasion. At least I hope the Intel posts are of some value.

The next step was to get my Wormhole Clone back out to Empire, leaving the Carrier with my 0.0 Clone. This is not immediately possible as when I log in later the system has half a dozen neutrals active, and no one from my Alliance. I stay logged in until a few people leave the area, before slipping out of the station in a Helios.

I quickly make undock, station watch, and safe spot bookmarks, before heading back to empire space. I pass neutrals in a number of systems, but no one is camping any of the gates and I get back to empire unhindered.

I then Jump my Alt back to his Wormhole Clone in Empire, and make the same Journey to his Carrier in Low Sec.

While that is in progress, my Main grabs a new Falcon with an updated fit and a few spares, and trades it to my Alt, who stores them away in his Carrier. My main then flies all the way back to his Wormhole Loki, and Clone Jumps down to the old home in 0.0.

The system is too busy with Reds and Neuts, so I log for the night.

The following morning, just before the kids head off to school / childcare, my Main manages to open a Cyno for my Alt, and he jumps his Thanatos down to the old home in 0.0. My Main then trades the remainder of his assets to the Alt, who stores them in the Carrier, along with his own spares.

Later in the day I move my Main from the old home to the new, skirting around a couple of Red interceptors.

I notice a Corp mate asking for a Cyno in the new system. I Convo him to indicate he can use mine when I jump my Alt in. He had some extra ships to be moved from the old system, so my Alt spends 10 minutes ferrying them from another station and loading them up in his carrier.

After waiting for a number of Neuts and Reds to move through, I finally open a Cyno and both my Alt and Corp mate jump their Carriers into the new system and dock up. This time I don’t lose the frigate. Assets are returned to their rightful owners.

I log in later and get all the gear organised in the new home. I now had to fly my Alt’s Wormhole Clone back out to Empire. The only problem was I didn’t have any spare ship I wanted to take out, and there were no T1 frigates on the market. After going over the handful of spares I did have, and what was for sale in the system, I ended up buying and fitting (slightly strangely) a Claw interceptor.


My alt was then able to quickly fly out of 0.0, drop the claw off at my Central Storage, and return the Wormhole Clone to its rightful place.

All of this happened over a number of days (to allow for Jump Clone timers and for various systems to be quiet enough to move capitals). The end result is that I now have both Carriers and all my related assets in the new 0.0 staging system, along with a matching Jump Clone and my Medical Clone.

In future I will ensure I stick with NPC 0.0 stations with medical services, so that I don’t need to leave the carriers elsewhere.

Now if you have read this far, you might be wondering why on earth I documented this process. It just seemed to stand out for me – how many other MMO’s are there which require this sort of effort? I didn’t make money; I didn’t advance in XP or levels, I didn’t collect new loot. There is no acknowledgement for a job well done.

I was forced to move out of a home by other players. I had to move assets that if lost would not re-spawn, and would take some 200 hours of effort to replace. I had to think what if I died, where would my Clone end up, how could I ensure easy access to my assets? I had to plan, make calculated risks, put in place logistics for fuel and Cynos. Through the entire process you are testing yourself against other players – even if they don’t always realise that you are.

I have remarked many times that I think people are clueless when they think Empire is an AFK ISK maker’s paradise. But this is one example of where I do agree that Empire is living in AFK mode in comparison to Low Sec or 0.0. It answers my question above about if I should keep a presence in NPC 0.0 or not. I can’t play in hardcore mode; I can’t claim a patch of space for myself, instead having to slink around in places no one else can be bothered to take. But I can appreciate the seemingly unique nature of the environment. I can find a real reward in not dying and just watching the trials and tribulations of those around me who are more dedicated.

I even followed all this up by going on a roam, getting on a number of killmails, and not dying. But I might remark on that another time.

Fly safe.