Raking in the Millions

I’ve been testing my theory on AFK Mining.

(Apparently I just can’t stop harping on it – or to put it in a better light, I wanted to put my own views to a practical test.)

I used a Retriever fitted with T1 Strip Miners, a T2 Survey Scanner, T2 Damage Control and two T2 Mining Laser Upgrades. EFT gives it a suggested yield of 1,002m3 per minute.

I stuck with T1 Strip Miners as this was meant to be as AFK as possible.

I solo mined in a 0.8 system with an Alt skilled enough to have maximum yield. The belts tend to get hammered, so the re-spawn size of the rocks wasn’t always great. I worked on full belts, using ideal bookmarks for maximizing the number of rocks in range, mining from the highest return rocks down, and warping back to a fresh position each time I have to dock to empty the Ore Hold.

I left the Strip Miner to deactivate on its own as each rock depleted about 80% of the time. The remainder I manually recycle to maximise yield.

I ignored D-Scan and Local, and would not have noticed someone trying to suicide gank me. Instead I worked on financial paper work, or read blogs and news sites, or watched downloaded shows. I even wrote a blog entry or two.

It wasn’t a comfortable AFK process, but I did go for periods of time where I would only glance at EVE when the voice prompts alerted me to an asteroid being depleted. The effort should however fit within the sphere of what people are calling AFK mining. I generally didn’t have to concentrate on it too hard.

So the end result over multiple sessions was that I earnt on average 7.4M ISK an hour.

I could have dropped the Damage Control for a third Mining Upgrade, which would have seen the income increase to around 8M an hour. Given I suspect I wasn’t as AFK as I should have been; I’ll stick with the original figure for what is relatively low risk, AFK mining in Empire.

Is that income level a problem?

Again – with real EVE examples, that is not the source of income nirvana that many people are crying so hard about.

I was however surprised by how relatively close the income was for AFK mining when compared to concentrating on the screen and optimising each mining cycle.  (See my notes here)  Basically I was getting around 80% of the return for about a third of the effort.  That didn’t sit entirely right with me.

Will this be my new form of mining?  Probably not.  Interestingly time did pass quicker with this approach, and it would be easier to mine for longer time periods.  However it wasn’t particularly satisfying, and I prefer my EVE sessions to be a little more immersive and distracting from real life.  I can see why others would do it however.

So maybe the result of this effort wasn’t quite as I expected after all.  Not silly income, but maybe not entire right either.

5 thoughts on “Raking in the Millions

  1. Interesting analysis – I used to afk mine in mission belts when I was on conference calls and could work from home. It is mindless and repetitive but it certainly beat Farmville, Angry Birds or Mine Sweeper. The ISK was pretty negligible but I am sure with a Covetor now (or even a hulk) and a boosting Orca, I could get back into it…

    • I’m not sure using a Hulk or Covertor classifies as AFK mining – with 3 strips and a small ore hold, you are regularly needing to interact with the EVE client.

      I am more responding to people complaining about “AFK retrievers and Macks” in Empire. Just because they are not moving, does not mean the pilot behind them is AFK. Nore are they generally raking in lots of ISK.

      There is one obvious flaw in what I have said on this matter – there is an area you can indeed truly AFK mine in Retriever, and that is in an Ice field.

      I don’t normally mine Ice in Empire, but I will give it a go when I can relocate one of my toons close enough to a field.

  2. I never AFK mine. But a fully ALERT miner with 2 Hulks and an Orca in a Large Hedb/Hemo/Jasp Site will get 185 M ISK in about 3 hours of work. 5 1/3 Orca Loads. 🙂

    • Interesting. How often would you find one of those sites in Empire though – particularly which hasn’t already heen half stripped, or has more miners arrive before you clear it?

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