I spent two hours doing Hi Sec exploration on the weekend, ending up with around 9M ISK in total rewards. Unlike Helena Khan the loot gods were not smiling.

I also updated my PI (a couple days late) and checked all my Trade Orders. Oddly, out of my relatively quiet 25 orders, only 2 needed adjustment. None of my competitors had updated their orders over the previous week.

My minor forays into the Implant market has worked out to be moderately profitable. (Yes, I read Greedy Goblin too. The low range items haven’t turned over, but there seems to be a sweat spot in the middle tier of implants. I will have to grab more stock, although will do so at buy order prices. It won’t make me a fortune in my current little backwater, but is mildly interesting.


On to the next DEV blogs:

CCP is updating the AI for all NPC’s, aside Incursion, Concord and Sleepers. They will switch targets, go after drones and have a preference for targeting their own hull type. The idea is to make PVE more engaging and close some exploits.

This could be a rather noticeable income nerf for some players. Gone (or modified) will be the pattern of warping in a tank to agro a pocket, then bring in glass cannon DPS ships to clear everything. Mining ops outside of Empire where you tank a belt will no longer be viable. The common tactic of inviting low SP Corp mates into L4 Missions to help with their standings grinds and income generation won’t work either. It should also hit AFK drone boat mission running. It probably won’t impact those who zerg certain missions, or make the PVE content any more interesting! I don’t see it impacting me on a personal level, aside from losing the occasional drone. I over tank my PVE ships anyway.

As is heavily being blogged about at the moment, CCP is updating the Crimewatch (Aggression) system.

I have two problems with the current aggression rules – they are unclear, and they are used to grief newer players. I’m not entirely enamored by the new icon based flagging system, but it should at least be somewhat clearer. There are basically 4 flags – Weapons (which prevents certain actions like docking and jumping), NPC (which prevents your ship from disappearing upon log off), PVP (prevents your ship from disappearing upon log off), and a dual Legality Flag – suspect, which allows anyone to attack you, and criminal, which will additionally see Concord attack you.

Reading through it made relative sense. There are a couple of tables linked to in the Dev Blog which stipulate actions and consequences, which is worth a read. Overall the changes make it more dangerous to get a Suspect flag – which could either see less people being aggressive (unlikely to my mind), or overall trigger more PVP (more likely). There will certainly be some game play changes, for logistic pilots, suicide gankers, can flippers and so on (even those trying to have supposed 1 on 1 frigate fights outside of trade hubs).

I then started to read about all the different grey scenarios, so I am left a little worried about the unexpected consequences and exploits we might start seeing on day 1 of its release.  Another one of those – needed to be done, but I wait with mild concern to see the outcome.