Yes, why are you here?

Today my blogging schedule has been interrupted by Jester’s Trek.  (It is probably my EVE blog of choice – for a variety of reasons.)

His well-known Alliance, Rote Kapelle, have declared that they are fed up with type of PVP being offered up by many of the residence of NPC 0.0 Syndicate, and that they are setting out to have a long campaign to eject anyone they don’t deem to be worthy.

I completely agree that Rote Kapelle are within their rights to ”..make absolutely miserable the lives of people who live in Syndicate..” They should also be – boredom aside, capable of being somewhat successful at it.

Ironically Jester had only just posted about his positive experiences in Guild Wars 2, and remarked on – quite rightly, how the Culture of EVE players can be even more off-putting to new players than the steep learning curve.

Rote Kapelle’s sense of entitlement and self-righteousness was a nice parallel to this, and elicited a good belly laugh from me.

I have to confess that Syndicate is the NPC 0.0 location I refer to in this blog. I expect my Alliance is one of those that Rote Kapelle would deem as undeserving. While I don’t tend to spend much time down there, I will ensure to jump down if Rote Kapelle come knocking to force us out.

I am happy to leave my characters either siting in station day after day, or cloaked up in deep space. See – I enjoy wasting the time of PVP Gods, denying them the kills and the sort of fun they want. I figure if I force them to spend minutes trying to scan me down, or troll my AFK butt into doing something silly, then I am in effect providing a community service. I spared some other poor unfortunate those wasted minutes.

See Jester, there are nice helpful people in EVE after all.


(I do suspect I will have to stay behind to perform this, given my Alliance would probably just get bored if put under pressure, and will likely just move to another location.)