I think that is the last of them

Just to prove I can finish a topic, I think these are the last of the current Dev Blogs that I wanted to remark on.



So CCP put some of the Faction Warfare changes in early and with minimal warning to Nerf income levels.

I’ve read the Dev Blog and various player blogs, but I have to admit I don’t really understand the expected incomes from a before and after perspective. I think the theoretical income levels are still high, but the reality is that they won’t be achieved on a regular basis.

Overall I’m glad CCP didn’t just let this continue until the next expansion. It would have seemed like they were asleep at the wheel if they had done that.



Players will have to build all the various container types and the last of the Quest, Discovery and Gaze Survey Probes themselves. That is a good thing.

I grabbed a couple Freighter loads of various containers to stockpile. This is not to make miraculous amounts of ISK since CCP tends to be on top of that sort of market speculation. It just allows me to seed my local markets going forward. All told it did not cost that much anyway.



There will be new rounded target overlays and various changes to locking signs and the like. Some look nice; others (on the Video clips I’ve seen) look messy. Overall, anything that improves the look of the overview is a step in the right direction. It might just not always be a step forwards.


Nothing much to report from within the game.  A few trade and PI runs, but otherwise RL has been my focus the last week or two.  My main is working on the last of the Shield Compensation skills to V.  My main Alt has 3.5 days left on Industrial Command Ships V, to finish off maximising his mining boosting.  My Empire Alt has just finished off training all the Ore processing skills to rank IV, to allow the use of all the T2 mining crystals.

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