That’s embarrassing

Back in September I posted my preferred Orca travel fit, with Gist C-Type 100MN Afterburner.

I suggested that this allowed you to use the 10 second quick warp trick of a 100MN Microwarp Drive, but was much easier to fit.


A couple days later Jester posted his own Speed Warp Orca fit

I remarked in the comments that you could use a 100MN Afterburner instead.


Unnoticed, a while later someone queried this – with Jester suggesting he would bet money that it didn’t work.

With mild ignition I responded to say it was possible, and that I had used the process hundreds of times. Later in the day I loaded Fraps and recorded the proof.

Only to find I was wrong.

*Sound of head hitting desk*

The Afterburner has a base cycle time of 10 seconds. However it is increased by 10% for every rank you have in Afterburner. If you can use a T2 100MN Afterburner, your cycle time will be 14 seconds.

So I was right – you can use the Gist C-Type 100MN Afterburner to initiate a quicker warp in an Orca. However I was wrong, it will take 14 seconds on average instead of 10.

It was while editing this video when the penny dropped:

That will teach me for opening my mouth.

I’ve basically done nothing in EVE for the last fortnight aside changing skills. Real life has been murdering me. I am hoping for some log in time over the next few days.

2 thoughts on “That’s embarrassing

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  2. Ok you won’t make it in 10 but in 14 Seconds. But the better fitting requirements of the Afterburner are still superb as you can fit a decent tank on it and still be in warp faster than usual.

    And no matter if it is 10 or 14 seconds after retribution your orca will be scanned down to every single container hidden in your corporate hangar eh fleet hangar I mean. The only thing to “protect” you from ganks is have a decent tank compared to your cargo and a scout ahead detecting nearby tornado traps as a decent number is required.

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