Productivity is overrated

I had a long weekend, so set aside time for 3 long EVE sessions. Unsurprisingly I lost one of those as EVE had a relatively rare Hardware Outage right at the time I was sitting down to play. I wonder about my luck some times.

In the end I got about 5 hours of relatively uninterrupted time in game, to which I devoted 4 hours to more High Sec Exploration.

I ended up scanning and clearing out six systems worth of anomaly’s and signatures, finding 6 Wormholes (C1 to C5), 6 Gravimetric Sites (mined one for an hour), 18 anomalies and 4 combat sites. I had no escalations, and maybe 5 or 6 Faction / Special spawns.

The total income from this effort was only 35M – of which 12M was from mining and 15M from the very last site I cleared. Again this is a borderline activity for ISK value alone – although I still enjoy the exploration process and pot luck aspect of it.

I quite like the Legion for this role – I’ve taken to warping into sites at 20km so that its medium guns can quickly snipe the rats. Anything that gets in close is taken out by drones. I tractor in only the wrecks with loot and salvage them as I go. While not lucrative, I do this in conjunction with killing the rats, so it doesn’t slow me down.

The Job of distraction and mindless downtime accomplished.

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