Support for the ISKless

This is an interesting read…

Greedy Goblin believes the changes targeting Frigates, Destroyer and Cruiser hulls are aimed at making the game more fun for the less serious players. I don’t know if CCP had that in mind, but the outcome might well be the same.

There’s been a general tone of malaise in some of the Blogs I read – about the lack of anything new in EVE and a feeling that it is stagnating.  I feel however that the hull rebalancing is a bit of a game changer.

I’ve remarked before on how positive I feel the Barge changes were – and how every mining ship can now find a useful purpose.  (Even if just giving the poor or risk adverse something worthwhile to fly.)

If they get it right with the cheaper hulls – they give the new (or ISK Challenged) players a richer game with more scope and options (that won’t break the bank).  I think that is a great thing.

My only concern is what happens when CCP finally gets around to the more expensive ships that the older players tend to fly.  Do they make these more special?  Or do they nerf them, so that the benefits are marginal, to make life easier for the newer or poorer player?  That will be a risky area for CCP.

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