Blog updates

This blog is 23 months old.

I’ve made 280 posts and uploaded 225 images.

It has used the same basic outlay since the start.

I do not promote the site, and continue to write for my own amusement. This is reflected in its low patronage (which is a source of amusement for me.) There is one area of the blog however I have felt bad about. A number of Bloggers have been kind enough to link to this site, which I had not reciprocated. So today I went through the 228 WordPress themes and found one which better supported the display of a blog roll.

I am not entirely happy with the new look – and expect I will change it again. However I do now finally display links to the main EVE blogs I follow, some of which also follow me.

Just as an aside, while I was spending so much time in the Dashboard today, I noticed that my most frequently read post via search engines (and my second most read post overall) was my review of how much effort is required to purchase, fit and relocate a Carrier:

5 thoughts on “Blog updates

  1. Interesting, but… (1) you dint have to change yer blog for others… blog for yourself and let your blog represent YOU, all of us who follow you respect that… (b) formats and themes are why I went with Blogger instead of WordPress… I have a WP blog, never “really” liked the layout options… Blogger, I felt, gave me more options and such…

    If yer curious…

  2. I follow your blog because of the content, not the format. You should set your blog up so it pleases YOU, the hell with anyone else! It is your blog after all. Congrats on lasting 23 months so far.

  3. I concur doctor. I follow your blog for the content, not the appearance. Almost two years of blogging and having people who still read and appreciate your work I think speaks for itself. Keep up the good work.

  4. While I appreciate the sentiment, maybe I missed the mark on my explanation. I did not update the blog because I felt compelled to conform – but because I wanted to (in a small way) reflect the community that exists between EVE bloggers. As reagrds trying to have the blog look ok, don’t worry, I did that for myself! :p

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