Obvious is not always Obvious

Every so often I read an EVE Blog post which is “sincerely hypocritical” – where the author is convinced of the merits of their argument; but to a neutral observer the post just speaks of blinkered bias.

It is worth remembering that the average EVE blogger is not a trained author. They don’t operating under a journalist oath, or have rules governing their professional integrity.

They are mostly just hobbyists – and should be cut some slack.

7 thoughts on “Obvious is not always Obvious

  1. Interesting to read that you feel that way.
    Would such a hobbyist still not benefit from having this percieved bias pointed out tactfully?
    As a hobbyist myself it would be both edifying and hugely beneficial to my writing ability to have such erroneous tendencies magnified.
    Should I ever be guilty of such.
    Perhaps though, the bias may not be all on one side of the fence?
    Just a thought.

  2. OK, I gotta ask… was there a particular post you read that was the genesis of this post? and… I agree we are, for the most part, not ‘professional’ writers (IE get ‘paid’ and either make a living at it or ply it as a ‘trade’) BUT… (big ass but here) I know of no ‘journalist oath’ and I have been interviewed by ‘professional TV journalists’ and my personal experience proved to me they (at least the ones I dealt with) have nothing whatsoever akin to ‘professional integrity’. We have seen over and over again and again a complete lack of integrity or any give-a-damn about the truth in the Professional Media.

    ALL news media (in the US at least) is a FOR PROFIT business and journalistic integrity goes to the back of the bus when set against profits, market share and advertising dollars…

    As hobbyist journalists, we bloggers may be biased (everyone is biased, it is part of the human condition) but our blogging and biases are not driven by greed and profits… In my opinion that makes them at least honest biases and I’ll take that any day over biases based on greed and profits.

    (and yes, I am majorly butt hurt and all Me Mad Bro over the incident I mentioned above… and have been for over 25 years now…)

    /Tur is shuttin up now and steppin down off soapbox…

  3. This post is leading somewhere, but in answer to comments.

    I see examples almost daily in the EVE Blog sphere were a post or comment calls out a Blogger for failing to meet the highest of standards. As Druur points out – this is often done in a way that fails to meet those very same ideals.

    I am not commenting on the merits of the individual call out, or judging them to be right or wrong. I am not saying errors or mistakes shouldn’t be highlighted. I am just surprised at the indignation.

    I am not holding up paid journalists as some guiding light. I think most examples of Commercial News is atrociously bad. Indeed, many bloggers take a more professional and detailed approach to their writing. Again though – why do some hold hobbyists to a higher standard than they accept in their tabloid papers?

    I don’t feel the need to point out individual examples – but there are lots of them. Most recently they have stood out for me in posts about Faction Warfare, the CSM, the Blog Pack, and of course a number of obvious long running personal grudges.

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