How dare you

A PI Run, a Trade Run, and then I log my main in.  I undock the exploration Legion and work through another 7 empire systems.  I run every combat site I find, some 20 odd, plus a handful of Magneometric sites.  Finally I settling down to clearing out a Hedbergite and Hemorphite Gravimetric site – not as it is profitable, but just because it is a little different.

In the collection I run a Sansha Burrow for the first time – surprisingly given it is about the poorest site in value, so I would assume the most common.  I see no escalations and very few faction rats.  The loot gods remain aloof, and my total profits for the 3+ hour’s effort is only around 50M ISK.  I wonder if that is because I am in the Legion, and not an Assault Frigate?  Do loot and escalation chances take into account the hull you are flying?

I then had very little free time for EVE for well over a week.

Finally when I could log in again I decided to throw caution to the wind, and I uncharacteristically do my Trade Run before my PI Run.

There was a discussion on the Corp Forum recently about the behaviour of some of our Blues.

The Corp is a little unusual in its charter.  It expects you to be relatively gentlemanly in game, and basically leave people alone outside of 0.0 and Wormholes.  Engage in some of the more nefarious pursuits of EVE, and you will get kicked.

As I have mentioned before, the Alliance is not especially numerous in 0.0, and they have a few Blues near them.  This provides the pilots who live down there extra fleets to join, and improves the Intel they need to rely on to stay alive.  It’s a pragmatic and common sense approach.

While they look for people who are good to work and fleet with, they don’t exclude Allies just because they might behave in ways that would get you booted from the Corp.  Our approach is after all not that common, and you have to accept people play this game in all different sorts of ways.  You are just meant to politely excuse yourself or not fleet up for those types of activities.

That all makes sense to me – and I have no problem with it.

Every so often a Corp member will get horribly upset that we Blue with such groups, complain, and leave the Corp because of it.  (Including one or two just recently.)

I would give them a little respect for sticking to their principles – but just as often I get the strong impression that it is more the fact they refuse to accept people play the game differently than how they want to.

I’m normally remarking here about the anti-empire brigade doing exactly the same thing – but Carebears can be just as bad.  I don’t really get it.

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