I knew I shouldn’t have

After a reminder from Serpentine Logic (http://serpentinelogic.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/preparing-for-retribution/) I figured I’d put in a token effort and manufacture some of the items which will cost more to build after Retribution is released.

As he wasn’t forthcoming with what those particular items were (I don’t blame him), I tried half a dozen different Google searches until I found comments and posts outlining the obvious ones.

I grabbed out the related BPO’s and started kicking off some max run manufacturing jobs – only to hit the limit for my Industry Alt at just 5 jobs. Seems I hadn’t trained that Alt in Advanced Mass Production!

I quickly scramble to train up my PI Alt so she can kick off a couple jobs – but then realise she doesn’t have Production Efficiency V.

Skill plans get adjusted and updated, and a couple skill books are purchased.

I then log in my Main, Jump to his Industry Clone, and auto pilot an Interceptor to my Trade and Manufacturing Hub.  I’ll use him to finish off my manufacturing.

One job submitted, and then the next fails as I am short on Minerals. That’s right, buy more Mexallon was on my To-do list.

Back to my trade Alt, find some at a reasonable price on the market, purchase, and start hauling.

The last of the jobs is finally kicked off.  I realise my minerals could do with some replenishment, so I put some buy orders up.

I knew there was a reason I wasn’t going to bother with this. Damn you Serpentine Logic..

3 thoughts on “I knew I shouldn’t have

  1. Amusingly, one of the BPOs I’m running jobs with is ME0 and I’m still making 15% margin on minerals bought at Jita sell prices.

  2. Hillarious!

    You got an open window of about 2 weeks after the incoming expansion patch but the sooner the better to profit from it.

    You should have stocked up by now in minerals. If your buying Minerals now your paying a huge premium as prices are now WAY UP!

    I have no crystal ball, but I imagine New Destroyers will be HOT HOT HOT! If you park at any the empire Navy or Logistic Stations before the Patch you should be able to easily get any the new BPO’s (most) to make the new bling ships.

    However other stuff that should be hot is all the new modules that will have to be fitted to all those ships, Weapon Turrets, Weapon Launchers, Weapon Charges, other regular Modules, Rigs for the ships and all that. As well the new Mining Frigate all the modules for that. So figure out what just what goes on all those new shiny ships and just about any of that should be able to profit from.

    • I didn’t bother with the supporting modules, but I did take your advice and leave a toon in each of the Racial Navy Stations to be able to quickly buy the new Destroyer BPOs. Was worth the effort.

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