The Age of the Blockade Runner

A note in the latest DEV blog sent me scurrying to log my Jita Alt in:

“Blockade Runners are being updated to be immune to cargo scanners, and as such will always show up as empty on scans”

It has a much smaller capacity and much much smaller tank, but at least it will not be scannable.  I purchased a number each of the Crane, Prorator, Viator and Prowler on the speculation they might go up in price.

Also of note was this comment:

Ship maintenance bays are somewhat special: they will be scannable (ie, ships but not their modules or cargo can show up in results), but they won’t be dropping assembled ships as loot

While it won’t protect my mobile Orca bases from gankers for griefing, it makes them less of a target for gankers for profit.

Been busy in game – more preparations for Retribution, plus some steps towards re-anchoring an Empire Research POS.

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