Thanks for All the Fish

Earlier this week, to mark the end of the Orca’s rein as the safe hauler, I visited Jita and spent up big.

Included in the buy up were a Worm, Gila, Hookbill and Osprey Navy Issue, just to give myself something different to fly. (They were also at a low in their price cycle.)

I picked up 4 Inner Zone Shipping Catalysts for 20M a piece. Two days later they are going for over 100M each. I purchased these for myself, but in the long term I might consider selling a couple.

I purchased 30 odd new BPO, mostly POS related. These are the first BPO I’ve picked up for quite some time.

I turned over the blockade runners, clearing 330M in profit.

I kept two for my Corporation’s fleet – getting them before the price spike.

My manufacturing preparations for Retribution have finished. I can see on the market others (expectedly) had the same idea. I am in no rush to turn stock over, so I will sit on them and wait and see how things pan out.

I’ve restocked my mineral supplies at good prices.

I’ve decided to re-anchor a High Sec research POS. To do so requires me to temporarily leave my current Corp. After long consideration I’ve decided to make the move permanent. There is some Low Sec related stuff I want to do that requires me to be able to anchor another POS down the track.

I evacuated all my assets from NPC 0.0, and am in the process of mothballing my carriers.

There is a lot I appreciate about my current Corp, but I haven’t been in a position to make the most of it.  I won’t have left a lasting impression, and I won’t be missed – which doesn’t reflect well on my MMO credentials.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for All the Fish

  1. Sound like changes ahead as well. The POS in highsec should definitely help in getting faster BPO Research done. Though I’ve never written about it, I do get some amount of BPO Research done through a good friend who anchored a POS and left me to use it. Still works out the same as having a POS to do Research at.

    Good going on profiting from the Blockade Runners. I never got around to taking any advantage of that. But I got plenty of T1 Copies of each empire Industrial ships I can use for Invention to make them. Though easier profit Buying them Cheap before the Changes and market reacted and selling them higher after market reaction. Or as I like to say Flipping for Profits.

    • My main struggle with a POS is just the raw cost of running it. It makes me feel as if I should be working much harder to justify it, which in itself I don’t like. I also have a level of guilt with flipping for profits. I know deep down that I am not adding any value…

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