And back to solo play

Long time no see

The 24 hour delay after dropping roles passed, and I went back to my personal Corp. I meekly left with not many people remarking on it.

I mothballed my two carriers. I left a useful collection of ships stored within them, some supplies and ammunition, and enough fuel to get me most places in EVE. When I next have use for them, they will be ready to roll.

An Alt was logged in half the day scouting my movements in and out of low sec. It was interesting watching the comings and goings. The system is well placed and used for Logistics by quite a number of Alliances. There seems to be some unspoken (or spoken, what do I know) truce – as I watched a steady procession of capitals and cynos move through, all apparently politely ignoring each other.

I grabbed any leftover spares and fuel, and moved them, and my mining base, back to where my Industry Alt operates.

I believed I had to wait 7 days for the standings of my main and Alt to impact the Corp – but they don’t appear to have changed since I left over a year ago. (Neither Alt left in the Corp had any standings.) I’m not sure if that is a bug or what, but EVE is telling me I should be able to anchor a POS immediately.

So the next step is to test that theory. I can’t anchor a POS in the home system, so I need a system within 3 jumps, with a free moon, a station with a free office slot at a reasonable price, and hopefully not a huge amount of traffic.

I scout 8 systems, which takes a number of hours. Some are discounted due to office slots or rent, and some are discounted as they have no free moons. Now remember I am in a relatively quiet region, yet I found one system with over 30 moons, every one of which had something anchored on it. I use probes to scan down POS in one system (6 on 30 moons), but otherwise am forced to just warp to each moon in turn to take notes as generally at least 75% of the moons have something on them.

I must admit I was surprised by this. There was a suggestions I read recently which was to allow offline POS to be looted / unanchored / Hacked by anyone. After my travels today, I am inclined to support such a thing. Around half the POS were offline.

It Lives!

So I picked a system, a station, and a moon. Not entirely trusting what the EVE client was telling me, I was pleased to see the anchoring and onlining of my research POS occurred without hick up. Now to work out the fit and stockpile some supplies.

3 thoughts on “And back to solo play

  1. Just wondered if there wasn’t an easier way to do this: enable force fields -and POS- on your overview. Narrow d-scan so you get a planet (or cluster, around center) and count force field, pos and moons. If moons>pos, you have a free slot. If pos>forcefields, you have dead towers… Or am I missing something?

    • Ahh – I wasn’t just looking for the first free moon. This was intel gathering – looking at who the neighbours would be, the big operations and the small, how many ruins existed (no POS, just incapacitated guns etc), possible abandoned POS, which systems would be busy or quiet, and so on.

      I used probes in one system, and I used your suggested method in a couple further locations to save me visiting every moon. However my D-Scan skills were not quick or sharp enough where a planet had more than a dozen moons, or the system was relatively small with lots of POS clustered close together. I couldn’t rely on myself to be 100% accurate with D-Scan, so ended up visiting every moon.

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