It can be a bit of an art lining everything up perfectly

It can be a bit of an art lining everything up perfectly

It is odd logging in and not having the Corporate Channel constantly flashing away with conversations. As was remarked by Red on my last post – I am back to being a real EVE Hermit.

On the plus side, the guilt level has fallen away. I don’t have to feel bad any time I am off doing my own thing.

So the POS is up and running, but nothing is anchored and I only have about 45 days’ worth of fuel.

I look around for a POS setup tool, but the URL of the main one people are commenting on is blocked by both Google and my Anti-Virus software as being a source of malicious software. I decide to just use a spreadsheet.

The Small Dark Blood POS I am using isn’t the best option for Research Labs. It only has 1350 CPU. Your standard Mobile Laboratory for Blueprint work requires 500 CPU, while the Advanced Mobile Laboratory requires 600 CPU, limiting you to just two labs on that POS. If my notes are still valid, the Minmatar POS variations give 1500 CPU, Gallente 1688, and Caldari 1875.

However on the plus side, I already had it, it uses 20% less fuel than standard POS, and the fuel is local.

I plant a Standard and an Advanced Lab, giving me access to 5 Material Research, 3 Time Efficiency, 4 Copy and 7 Invention Slots. That will cover me for what I want to do, and makes the POS slightly less of a target. I really do appreciate how much quicker it is to anchor and online these.

I’ll work out what defenses to anchor on it later.

Now for Fuel. I have researched Fuel Block BPO’s and a stack of the ingredients, but I don’t feel inclined to chase down what is missing and manufacture them. I’ll do that later. I log my Price Check alts on and look at Amarr fuel block (and charter) prices in Ren’s, Amarr and Jita, plus locally. Not surprisingly Amarr is the cheapest. I check the price history to ensure it wasn’t at a price spike (it wasn’t), and put a hole in the Corp Wallet by purchasing 6 months’ worth of fuel. Again I could have saved some ISK using buy orders, but I just want everything sorted and in place, so pay a premium for it. For the next 6 months the POS will in effect cost me 2.5M ISK a day to run – or 77M a month, or 925M for a full year.

That is a substantial chunk of my current Corp’s profits. I look back at my old spreadsheets, and find at one point my POS fuel costs were under 35M a month. Am I allowed to say “those were the days..”?

The timing of the Retribution update later today means I won’t be in a position to make the most of the market opportunities (being asleep, and then having to work), so I’ll be in no rush to start buying BPOs and building the new Destroyers and such.

While I haven’t remarked on it, I have been reading the various DEV Blogs and Patch notes that are available on Retribution. I noticed this little bit in the Release Notes:

“1/10 and 2/10 static DED complexes have been moved to the exploration system”

While that makes sense, and the static sites were indeed farmed heavily, it will be a touch sad not to see them on your overview.


5 thoughts on “Fuel

  1. Sounds exciting. I may be following your lead very soon. I’ll elaborate in a post later on, but I’ll likely be moving out of my wormhole due to unforeseen circumstances. Best of luck to you in your new adventures.

  2. I’ve been pretty much running a POS since about September for Research Copying. I had a really great friend of mine in game who used to be in our First Player Corp together with me leave me a POS to run. He has his owns his own Corp and initially set it up to try to do Research. They weren’t able to make full use of it so he left it to me to utilize the Medium Caldari Tower to do my Copying Research. Caldari Towers make better Research POS since they have more CPU to support the Labs. I got 3 Labs on the POS I use.

    Since I Trade and all that good stuff, I’m able to buy all my Ice below market cost since I buy direct from Ice Miners on Buy Orders in Ice Mining Systems and just move it when it piles up. I also Sell the Ice products I buy as well for profit. However I’m able to utilize some the stock I purchase and use for making Caldari Fuel Blocks. Its funny that I don’t even sell some the Fuel Blocks. Since I do PI I make all the components at Factory Planet. But in the end I can utilize my existing stock of material. Fuel for me comes out cheaper in various ways. Currently got about 2 months of Fuel Blocks stockpiled and make when needed to stockup. I think it cost me overall somewhere between 170M -190M a month but I don’t really keep track of it all that much since it’s not really that much of a big deal to get the Ice which is the hardest thing for me to get to make the Blocks.

    It did help in a great way to finally finish off getting my collection of over 420+ BPO’s all ME Researched complete for the most part. Every now and then buy a few more BPO’s but overall I no longer have a backlog of BPO’s that need Research that I keep in an isolated can to keep them all sorted. For the most part I pretty much use the Research Tower to do mostly Copying work and that is a huge deal being able to get stuff copied in a timely manner to eventually use for T2 Invention. At this point most my Research there is done and don’t really need to keep it up. But I guess for Retribution we got some new Ships BPO’s and a few more new BPO’s so it will be up for at least a month or two longer than originally intended. Been thinking of acquiring some Capital BPO’s and if that happens I’d have to keep it up for the longer term, but no thought firm on that yet.

    At this point though I’ve got 10 Cans so far in my Alt Trader Hangar all full with numerous Copies of BPO’s intended for T2 Invention work. Since a can is limited to holding only 1000 copies of BP paper and each had over 900 BP copies mostly. I dare say I currently have somewhere close to 9000-10K Copies of numerous BPC’s on hand all intended for Invention work. Yeah with that many copies, kinda why my Copying Research was pretty much done, just didn’t really need to copy much else of existing assets. You can get allot done with 6 ME Slots and 9 Coping Slots. Never really do much ME at the Labs since most of my original collection of BPO’s was all mostly researched in a system station thats easy to get a open cheap PE slot. I rather utilize the POS Slots for harder to do Research work.

    But your POS should turn out to be useful for Research. A bigger one with more Lab capacity and that can support more defenses can be better. It guess it would cost you more and thats likely and Issue for you.

    • I’ve had my own POS before, and also used one of a friend. (Who ran a large faction tower in empire for a couple of years.) From an industry point of view they make quite a difference. As I remarked in an earlier comment, the only problem for me is the mind set where I feel as if I have to be able to justify the expensive with increased profits, instead of just amusement or coolness value.

      Good idea about putting up buy orders in systems with ice belts, I will do that.

      I can always swap the POS with another small variant to get 3 labs on, but at the moment I should be able to do just fine with two. Actually, keeping 3 or 4 labs constantly busy churning over research work can get rather boring, so two might be a sanity saver.

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