A late night

I can see one particular issue coming up with the Retribution release – not having access to manufacturing slots. I’ve noticed over the last couple weeks that it is not uncommon to have to wait 12 or more hours to get one in my local area. Not ideal if you want to make some quick ISK on turning over the new ship hulls.

Ahhh – but I have a POS now.

To manufacture Frigates and Destroyers at a POS you need a Small Ship Assembly Array. The Ship Assembly provides 10 manufacturing slots which are 25% faster than station slots. It requires 250 CPU and 100,000 MW, which I have room for on the POS. Even if it is not strictly necessary, it falls into the category of “useful to have”.

Someone must have had the same thought in Amarr, and the price was at an abnormally high level. Jita worked out to be far cheaper. It is a 75M ISK 10Km3 module – so a slight risk to haul. I grab the blockade runner for the speed and hope no one felt like gambling on that sort of drop.

I open the Market tab while on my way to Jita, just in case I come across a cheaper price on my travels, but have no such luck. I dock in Jita 4-4, purchase an array, load up, undock and warp to an aligned celestial. I’m clear and manually fly home without issue.

In the background I am busy buying up Station Containers in every station within half a dozen odd jumps for resale after the patch goes through.

Once back I online the new Array at the POS, and then consider one last preparation. I send out 4 of my Toons and sit them in stations where the new destroyer BPO should seed, which are between 8 and 22 jumps from home.

Ok Retribution – that is as much preparation as I am going to do for you.

In the good old days an expansion would take 8 to 24 hours. Retribution was in under 2.

Feeling somewhat foolish at the amount of effort I was making, I grab 5 copies of each BPO and start the process of manually flying them home.

Meanwhile I try to remotely deliver all those Station Containers I had purchased on behalf of my Corporation to my Trade Alt – only to find it won’t work. First Retribution bug hit. I resort to manually flying to stations to put the sell orders up.

As each of the BPO arrive, I put up 3 on the market for re-sale, and kick off a single build on the remaining 2. I am first to market with the BPO, and they all sell over the first 6 hours with a margin of around 150%. I shouldn’t think anyone would complain about that for the convenience, and they were far cheaper than the 500% margin sell orders I notice today.

I am again first to market with 2 of each of the destroyer hulls, and put them all up at 350% margins.

I then throw 1 set of the BPO on for ME research at the POS, and start cooking another 3 of each hull with the remaining set of BPO.

I get to bed well past midnight thinking I am too old for this stuff, with about half the Station Containers on the market.

I wake in the morning to find everything sold, with the market prices for the new destroyer hulls sitting at between 700 and 1200% margins, with nothing available. I put up my extra 12 hulls at the original 350% margins, and they sell relatively quickly.

I know it might sound silly – but while I am happy to be paid a healthy premium for my effort, I am not trying to milk this for every ISK.

So – remembering this is only small fry efforts in a backwater system, my Industry Efforts for Retribution have seen so far:

Clear Profits:

330M on Blockade Runners
280M on New Destroyer BPO and Hulls
20M on Various Containers

New Assets:

51M in new Destroyer BPO
75M in a Small Ship Assembly Array

Up for sale:

750M of Station and various other Containers, Logistic Cruisers and Frigates


Most of the items up for sale are not there for a quick turn around.  They have been seeded on the market as convenience items with generally large margins.  They are low risk – refining them will cover any costs, so they will be very much set and forget.  For example – making sure there are Station Containers for sale in Low Sec systems with no factory slots.

Oh – love the new Retribution log in screen.

Also amused by the number of people asking “Is there any way you can avoid getting a Bounty on your head?” – which normally sees a no answer and a stream of bounties being applied.

2 thoughts on “A late night

  1. I was more surprised by the fact that of the two manufacturing stations in my system the one i hangar at is by a wide margin the most popular and also is system station hub next to the regional hub, yet my station manufacturing slots were about only at maybe at a 60-70% usage level. And that was all through the first two days post patch.

    Compared to back when Crucible launched, there wasn’t much empty manufacturing slot almost no where within 2 jumps from my same system for almost the entire first 4-5 days. I had to use a backup station with no agents a few jumps away to make stuff back then due to manufacturing slots around all been filled up.

    So it totally surprised me this time that my station went almost half empty on manufacturing slots. But i couldn’t be happier as i didn’t have to haul anything anywhere.

    • Most stations within a couple jumps of me were really busy over the Retribution release. However, there was very little competition for the new or changed products, so I have no idea what they were all up to!

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