Initial thoughts on Retribution

All my Retribution preparations have been concluded – with manufacturing and research ticking over and all related stock now up for sale.  Even if nothing more was to shift, my Corp has 600M ISK extra in its coffers.  There is no risk with the remaining items on the market – their costs are comfortably covered by their refined value, so any sales are just cream on top.  Considering the small scale I was operating at, and the hours of game play it provided, I can already call it a success.

I still have plenty of things to do – there are various items in the release notes I want to check out, skills and BPO to chase down and such, but nothing that is time critical.

So far my initial impressions of Retribution are positive.  There are certainly a few issues:

. The Splash Screen between the Launcher and Log-on still shows Inferno
. My GPU is working much harder with two clients on screen at the same time (from averaging around 80% to 99%)
. Once a week while playing EVE I will have my nVidia driver crash on me. It has happened half a dozen times today.
. Once a week while playing EVE I will have a socket error disconnection. It has happened half a dozen times today.
. Not uncommon to have Shield, Armour and Hull showing 25% damaged, but mouse over shows 100% healthy
. Occasional issues with how lock icons were working
. I haven’t bothered with PI since there is a known bug with customer offices
. I can’t remotely transfer Corp purchases to Corp Members

That last issue saw me having to fly through low sec in a shuttle to put all those Station Containers on the market.

The things I really like:

. The compact inventory view, and the fact windows have better memory and more consistent behaviour
. The clear alert when you have a flag which makes logging off dangerous
. Resistance Modules visually show what attribute they are buffing
. Being able to move each individual lock icon around
. The fact you can see people who have current suspect flags in local. That could really add game play options going forward.

I have a set of the new destroyers and a new mining frigate to have a play around with too. All told, a positive start.

2 thoughts on “Initial thoughts on Retribution

  1. I personally think its a great expansion right off the bat. The visuals are great. Like you mentioned the suspect tags. My static lowsec exit was a convenient 2 jumps from Jita today, so I went and bought a mining frigate. By the time I was back in my home system I had level 1 trained and could fly it. I had a Ladar site handy, so I mined it out with the frigate. With the 5k m3 ore hold I was able to mine both gas clouds out and hold them both in the ore hold. No jet cans, no second trips. The mining frigate is a lot less efficient with ore, however.
    All in all, a great start.

    • I agree. I had traditionally used a Moa for my Gas Harvesting, but the Venture turns out to mine gas faster and hold more of it. It also has lots of fitting options, and seems a fun little ship to fly.

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