Impact of the Barge Changes

I am sitting down drinking a cup of tea. I am using a mug with my previous Corp’s logo on it. It is like a reminder of my failure to socialise properly in game.

My list of things I want to blog about – generally just a one line note; has grown well past a full page again. Thankfully most of these never see the light of day as by the time I get around to them I’ve missed the boat and they are no longer topical. I did want to try and clear some of them though while I am enthused.

First off, I mentioned back on the 4th of December that the patch notes indicated DED 1/10 and 2/10 static complexes had been moved to the exploration system. I remarked that I thought it was fair enough, although a touch sad.

Turns out I hadn’t considered the big picture. Rixx Javix points out that they were a good source of PVP in low sec.

He also points to an EO Forum thread on the topic, with all sorts of suggestions on this topic, some better than others:

So I have quickly had my mind changed – no issue with having the sites removed from Empire, but how about re-adding to Low Sec, or even considering some of the ideas such as having to sit in them like FW for a period of time before the spawn arrive to encourage low sec PVP.

Second, CCP released a great little DEV blog showing the impact of the mining barge changes:

I had been hoping to see something like this.  If you ever want to see the way Industrialists work, check out the production changes once the Mining Barge updates were announced. I suspect a few people are sitting on paper losses, given not all of those new hulls ended up being piloted.

In February 2012, the order of least to most logged in or activated Mining Barges was roughly:

. Skiff (< 1,000)
. Procurer (~1,000)
. Covetor (~5,000)
. Mackinaw (~7,500)
. Retriever (~12,500)
. Hulk (~30,000)

In November 2012, after the Mining Barge changes, the numbers have seen some real change. Again in order of least to most logged in or activated:

. Skiff (~2,500)
. Procurer (~3,500)
. Covetor (~6,500)
. Hulk (~16,500)
. Mackinaw (~22,000)
. Retriever (~28,000)

These are not precise of scientific, I’ve just eye balled the graphs to get a rough overview. But they clearly show more people are flying Mining Barges (up from roughly 57K logging into / activating them in February to 79K in November), and they are using a wider range of them. While some would argue the AFK aspect of Retriever mining is a negative (although it ignores the fact you still have to swap asteroids regularly as they are depleted), it shows that given a choice, people are tending towards the self-hauling / free from can flipping, lower yields of the Retriever and Mackinaw.

Mining volumes have increased in Empire, but not really anywhere else. That would reflect the mineral prices which make mining out of Empire not really worth the risk for many players.  That is not a problem so much with Empire, but how the rare minerals are priced / in demand.  Maybe you need a bunch of new ships which use much higher volumes of the rarer minerals.

It hasn’t encouraged Ninja mining outside of Empire as I would have liked to have seen.  While I am sure things can be tweaked, I think overall this has been a good, worthwhile and successful change.

3 thoughts on “Impact of the Barge Changes

    • A 15th wind maybe? 🙂 Actually it is as simple as having more opportunity to play of late. While RL remains very busy, I haven’t had to watch the kids quite as much, and work as been very quiet. Means more logging in. EVE does however seem to have been filling its role as a distraction rather well lately though.

  1. “Maybe you need a bunch of new ships which use much higher volumes of the rarer minerals”.

    Some new shinny ship class of some sort that uses allot of High End Minerals, that would clearly throw the ball in the court of Null Sec Mining Sector.

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