Working through the Retribution To-Do List

My desk is a mess, covered with paper work delayed by too much time lately spent playing EVE, and copious hand written notes with in game To-do lists, POS and Moon Research, Market notes and so on.  I really need to do a cleanup, but not tonight.

I noticed the price of the new Destroyers had dropped to just above build cost in Amarr.  Seems the gold rush has ended.  The profit margins are still around 200% in my backwater, but the sales have dropped off and it won’t be long before people knock that price on the head.  It costs me a little over 1.4M to build each of the destroyers on a non-researched BPO.

I took a Corax out.  It seems like a fun little hull for PVE, although a little awkward to fit.  I picked up 20M in loot from a Sansha Forsaken Hideaway.  (One of the anomalies you can pick up on your onboard scanner which can drop a Faction Frigate in the last spawn, as it did this time.)  It did look slightly awkward in space though, as if its alignment time did not match its shape.

Still like the Missile effects

Still like the Missile effects

My first run fit using whatever I had spare:

[Corax, PVE Play 01]

Damage Control II
Ballistic Control System II

1MN Afterburner II
Small Shield Booster II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

Salvager II
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rocket
Rocket Launcher II, Inferno Rocket

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I

I must admit I was really impressed with the visuals and sound during this post Retribution NPC’ing.  I am sure I’ll soon be zoomed back out and ignoring them, but they should help with the new player “wow” factor and subsequent retention.

Initial sales of my ship hulls and containers have been surprisingly ok, particularly as some are still competing against pre-retribution priced stock.

Now that the rush is over, I need to focus on the little things.  Tonight I start with buying for my various Toons the new skills Mining Frigate, Radar, Magnetometric, Ladar and Gravimetric Sensor Compensation, Salvage Drone Operation and Micro Jump Drive.  They are all at a nearby school station.

Next I need to source all container BPO’s.  They are under Deployable Ship Equipment in the market place, which is not immediately obvious.  The original DEV Blog included the corporations who sold them – none of which had stations in my home region.   I hunt down high sec stations for Amarr Constructions and Ishukone Corporation in Domain, Roden Shipyards in Sinq Laison, and Boundless Creations in Metropolis.  It ends up being a 70 odd jump trip to gather them all, although I notice the Survey Probes are for sale in Perimeter as I pass through, so grab those and mark another item off my To-do list.

I contemplate seeding them in my local region, but I can’t be bothered.  Why make it easy for the competition.

As I warp across the galaxy I ponder the use of some of these containers.  What I would like to see is a container that is subdivided into sections; displayed as tabs, such as having all your BPO in one container, but split into sections for ship hulls, modules, ammunition and such.  I think I have mused over that before.

The price of the Venture Blueprint is down to under 4M in Jita.  I grab two for 4.5M in Amarr on my way through to tick yet another item off the To-do list.  I expect it will get even cheaper, but I’m happy to pay that price to have it now and start the ME research.  I already have a Venture – grabbed by running the Industry Tutorial Chain of quests after a tip on CCP’s Facebook page.

I have to stop at another station to offload my BPO temporarily before docking in Amarr, so that I don’t look like a target when I undock from the trade hub.  I remember to go back and pick the rest of them up afterwards.

I throw up some extra containers on the market, put aside some for Corp use, and put one of the Venture BPO in the POS for ME research.  I then move some of the blue prints I had sitting in a NPC Research Station over to the system where the research POS is anchored, where I do some sorting.



I will have to now go to the Retribution release notes, and look at everything I have highlighted, to test / understand / update settings and the like to make the most of things.

I know my last series of updates might seem mundane, but it is keeping me focused.  I also figure it is pertinent at times to show a picture of what a Carebear Industrialist can get up to.  It wouldn’t be for everyone.

6 thoughts on “Working through the Retribution To-Do List

  1. SO many see Industry as… well… you know. BOoooooooooooooRing! But you and Mab can be a riot… I know many here will read your post and wonder where I get that from… but if they only knew Mab (and I feel, if they knew you too…) they’d know what I mean… =]

    • Could you imagine what would happen if all the boring industry people left the game? Everyone would have to make every one of their own ships. Now that would be karma…

      • There was a blog post I had in mind about that for a very long time and its still in mind currently but just haven’t written it yet. The point of it was that EVE zoomed out can possibly be compared to a living system a machine maybe or even a military unit (I was there). But each has various units that all function to serve the greater good of the unit. Each performing a vital function or task. Without each unit performing its task the organism soon fails in some way or dies likely. And though each task some of those units performed seemed so meaningless they served a greater purpose in the overall existence of the organism or unit. What would a day or the rest of your life be like if you suddenly was missing your Mitochondria? It wouldn’t be good, but how often have you ever thought about that little cell organism?

        Back when I was in the real Navy I used to work in Engineering. Loved Engineering back in the Nav. Except you often hardly ever see sunlight as you worked way below decks as all the engineering decks and equipment is under deck or below the water line. You were like a Mole. I was on an Aegis Guided Missile Cruiser we fire them Tomahawks Cruise Missiles that make cool news video blowing up stuff on land in the news during the wars. The Mission was the Ship performing its duty wherever it was ordered. We were about just over 400 guys on a ship each all performing a role all vital in function to the mission of the ship. So it too can be though of as each person in EVE all playing a part or greasing the wheel of existence in the universe.

        The guys in Combat Systems used to brag how important their job was all the time and during the War and how badass they were at doing it and firing them missiles. But I guess it also depends on which side of the fence you were on as well. It used to be a back and forth thing on who was better on the ship and who was more important. It sometimes used to become kinda like skirmish warfare between the people in the various divisions on the ship. Who was so less important we could throw overboard and we wouldn’t even miss them? The Supply Guy? The Cook? Maybe the Hull Tech Guy? But you know zooming it all out were all served a purpose on that ship getting to where it needed to be, when it needed to be there and all systems go in delivering the intended package as it was designed to be delivered to whomever or performing whatever required duty the ship was ordered to fulfill.

        So getting back to things, in some ways we joked about it then and some times we were dead serious on how we felt about things depending on how things went in the evolution of the day at sea. Engineering was often really a hot atmosphere to work. Guys in Combat System worked in freezing Air Conditioned spaces so their heat generating computer systems would stay cool and working, often they had on Winter Jackets in their work space. It would feel like the Arctic If i ever had to go up to their space for something.

        The Engineering guys would come out the Hole as we called it (Space we worked) and looked like soaking wet with grease all over having been working on greasy machinery stuff. Not a guy you wanna mess with walking down the hallway on the ship coming out of your freezing air conditioned space. I can tell you it was never often friendly if the other guy didn’t have nothing good to say with him looking at you coming out the hole. And i imagine the Combat Systems Guy looked down upon you coming out the hole all smelly, greasy and with sweat dripping from your coveralls. Often when they see you they just step aside in the hallway. Sometime they kinda did look down on the engineering guys who worked below decks and joked about stuff. It was just the way it was. Engineers were a tough bunch to mess with though.

        But you know when they talked all the crap and smack talk about stuff we joked and stuff and yeah it was serious at times after the chief gave you crap a few minutes earlier. But when the Combat Systems Guys or the other guys from other Divisions would stand there and talk crap to us about how damn lucky they were to deliver a package or get a target we stand/sit there and listen. And we turn around and say, you know if it wasn’t for us Engineers you wouldn’t have done a damn thing because we still be back there peir side in port because it be no one to power up any the ships system, no electricity to work your entire operations and combat systems, no electricity period! As well it be no damn cooling systems to supply all your freezing ass AC to cool all your damn Radar Systems, Wave Guide Systems, Aegis Systems, Sonar Systems, Computer Systems no cooling period! So your shit will just FRY! And by the way there will be no damn water on board and no pumps running to move any of it.

        So I don’t care if you drive the damn ship, because if I don’t start up my Turbine Engines down in the hole we aren’t going anywhere and I don’t care how good you are at navigating. We both will still be peir side in port! So buddy I don’t care how good you are at delivering Missiles or Navigating the damn ship, your only here delivering it because i’m doing my damn job. And about that time the Supply guy chimes in yeah your only running them damn engines because I remembered to order your damn Fuel, Lube Oil and all that crap. And the Yoeman chimes in well you ordering the Fuel and all that crap because we approved it and none you all be here if you weren’t getting paid.

        So we all perform a function serving the greater good of the unit or organism all doing our job all together each and different vital function. Same goes in EVE. If no one Mined they be no minerals to build anything or shoot with anything. And if nothing was ever blown up they be hardly much to ever replace. If no one Invented stuff and produced it, they be no one flying T2’s or much of it either. So it all goes round and round everyone playing a part in making New Eden work. High Sec players as well as players in all areas of EVE serve a function to various degree’s. So when others in EVE look down on High Sec players in a round about way its often like the same thing.

      • There’s a very complicated symbiotic relationship between almost everyone who plays EVE. I understand why people tend to be focused on themselves and their areas of interest, but the lack of understanding of how everything ties in together surprises me. As you point out – it is common in RL as well.

  2. “I have to stop at another station to offload my BPO temporarily before docking in Amarr, so that I don’t look like a target when I undock from the trade hub”.

    Lol i use to think I was the only person that does that as well before going to Amarr/Jita and never undocking with any visible unless sealed under 2 coats of paint.

    Your posting and writeup’s are just fine, something any other industrialist can appreciate. Sometime its just the track of thought going about things that also helps as well doing stuff.

    Its almost funny to think we both almost label stuff in out hangars the same way. As i like to keep my BPO’s all sorted and naming containers with proper labeling to easily find stuff so not to over crowd my hangar in mass confusion with stuff.

    • The only problem is how often I forget to go back and get the stuff I stored for safe keeping… only to realise when I dock up at home.

      Most of my stuff in game is logically and clinically sorted and stored away. I suspect to a somewhat unhealthy level…

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