Hauling Backbone

One of the benefits of being within your own Corp is that it is convenient and safe to have communal ships stored in a Corporate Hanger.

Because I am consolidating some of my haulers into the one location, I’ve been going over how they have been fit. Historically I have used a mix of Inertial Stablizers and Nanofiber Internal Structures in some of the low slots; carrying replacement Cargo Expanders for when I need more Capacity.

Old Lows

Inertia Stabilizers speed up your align times, but increase your signature radius (-20% Inertia Modifier, +11% Signature Radius for the T2 Module).

Nanofiber Internal Structures speed up your align times and max velocity, but reduce your hull hit points (-15.8% Inertia Modified, +9.4% Velocity, -20% Hull HP for the T2 Module).

I did a lot more auto piloting with empty haulers in the past, so the speed boost from the Nanofibers reduced the time it took to approach the jump range of each gate.

Now I rarely autopilot in a Hauler – even if it is empty. I guess it feels like they are easily killed and always a target.

The downside of the Nanofiber is that they take longer to go into warp in comparison to Inertia Stabilizers, both because they don’t improve agility as much, and because they increase the maximum speed. (You warp when aligned and at 75% of your maximum speed.) Because I am mostly manually flying my haulers now, I am swapping them out.

New Lows

I figure every little bit helps, even if it is just a second here and there.

Speaking of haulers – I had lamented the loss of the Exequror’s Cargo role bonus with Retribution. Turns out I shouldn’t have. Due to the slot layout changes, they can carry even more!

Old capacity 2,830m3 with 18K EHP
New capacity 3,230m3 with 18K EHP

(Rigged and with full row of cargo expanders. They do lose one high slot, which is not really an issue.)

The other Cargo role bonuses ship I used was the humble Probe. That two turns out to be even better at hauling after Retribution as well!

Old capacity 989m3 with 1.4K EHP
New capacity 1,261m3 with 2K EHP

My non-hauler hauling backbone is safe. I sadly did a little dance when I realised this.

Last of all – my Orca Gist C-Type 100MN Afterburner warp trick no longer works. With the changes to the afterburner skill, I no longer seem to be able to accelerate to 75% of my maximum speed before the single reduced length cycle completes. It still warps quicker than without, but this adds a second or two. I don’t think I will go back to the MWD trick however, just as it will require fitting mods.

Shared Backbone

Communal ships sorted, now what’s next on the To-do list…

4 thoughts on “Hauling Backbone

  1. Funny that I do that as well for each my Haulers. Sometime way back before I cleaned up my hangar a long time ago i got tired of having to constantly find the misplaced Cargo Expanders and other low slot mods. So i just simply got a bunch of Small Containers and put one in each ship and called it a ship cargo refit kit and left it in each hauler.

    Thus before i usually leave and returned from destination on return trip i’d just simple and quickly swap a few modules out from the kit to either increase my align time or speed when I had no need for lots of empty cargo space with nothing in it.

    I guess another module you can also try is the Injector module in the low which increase Velocity at the expense of Cargo. if your not really carrying that much Cargo it helps in swapping just one module at least for cargo expanders. I have a few haulers some I don’t use as much, but they are all rigged differently each. One might be for max cargo, one for fast align with Low Friction Nozzles, another with a mix of Cargo Optimization and Friction Nozzles or a Hot Rod Hauler rigged for Max Velocity. Just gives me different options for whichever kind of Cargo I’m moving. Changing out the lows gives added options. Though 9/10 Times I usually fly my Crane in the shadows, every now and then It helps to have something else to just skirt across the system or next system over in something different.

    Hell I even have a Buzzard I use just as a Stealth Shuttle rigged solely for Maximum Velocity to make allot of jumps fast going long distances to move paper in the shadows. I guess I use that one Buzzard as a Logistic ship. I mean how much room do you really need to move lots of paper. It all fits just fine in my Covert Ops High Speed Shuttle rigged for maximum speed.

    Yeah I too have a Frigate (Magnate) rigged for sub 1100m3 quick hauling or just quick skirt to next station pickup run.

    • Oh, it wasn’t that long ago that I put a small container with fitting changes in each of my haulers! Now I tend to limit the changes to a handful of Expanded Cargohold Modules, and differentiate them from cargo by never repackaging them.

      The Exequror tends to be my hauler of choice for anything small and close, primarily as it tends to be ignored and has a useful tank on it. If I want something small from a long distance away, I tend to use an Ares with one Hyperspatial Velocity and one Polycarbon Rig.

      On paper it has a warp speed of 16.2 au/s, compared to most ships 3 au/s. You would think it would be noticeably quicker, but due to how warp speed up and slow down works, you only tend to notice an improvement in really large systems. Still, I like the mental image of it.

      • Yeah on the aspect of warp speed improvement i can only guess its because gate to gate or gate to station by the time you get up to Full Warp Speed your going so fast that your barely at Warp Speed long enough before your already slowing down in speed for the rapidly approaching gate or station. It might be more noticeable crossing a system 140 au gate to gate. Not many systems gates are that far apart. And I can only remember 1 system about that long from one of its gate to another.

        I guess if systems gates were thousands of au apart, it would likely be more noticeable. Maybe one day when EVE quadruple in size.

      • From memory one of the systems between Kari and 9UY4-H in Providence has a warp distance of over 100AU. There is also an Empire System I used to pass through on the way to Jita which was the same, although I can’t recall which region I was operating in at the time. So generally the fast ward speed of the Ares has no noticeable effect.

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