Another year over, a new one just begun

Always wondered about that Lennon lyric, given a new year hasn’t started when Christmas comes around.

CCP have announced the Christmas cheer this year will be spread out over 3 weeks, redeemable from the 13th, 20th and 27th.

They had to remove (melt) the Snow Balls previously after too many people where tricked into getting themselves killed by Concord by firing back with real weapons.  The new safety measures in Retribution should make that somewhat safer.  I have 1,393 melted snow balls and five festival launchers in storage – I suspect I will just be adding to them.

Jester probably has most if not all the mystery box contents – if you don’t mind spoiling the surprise, you can read about them here:

They will probably amuse the older players more, and I expect will also just go straight into my storage container.

I’m not sure what the last gift is meant to be.  I’ll set my expectations low and hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

I decided to try out the Dragoon, the Amarr Drone Destroyer.    I partially fit it with spares I have laying around, and then flew to Amarr to finish off the job.  It appears that someone had purchased all the stock of small turrets and missile launchers from the market and re-posted them with between 100 and 600% mark ups.  I’m not that desperate to fly the thing, so head home with a still half unfitted ship.  I might make some equipment for myself.

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