Folly or why not?

I’ve been consolidating my EVE To-Do list from the countless scraps of paper, spreadsheets, training plans and so forth. One little item has been around at the back of my mind for quite some time, and is probably at a suitable point to aim for. I have a Toon with nothing pressing to train for, and the spare ISK.

I am contemplating creating an Alliance for my Alt Corp.

There is no in game reason for this. I am not trying to make War Decs more expensive, there will be no one else invited to join, I don’t plan on conquering a corner of Null Sec.

I am simply intrigued to look at the mechanics, and amused by the thought.

Too pointless? Does it make a mockery of the serious business of EVE to do something so flippantly?

It is 2 skill books, 45 days training, and a further Billion ISK away if I want to achieve it.

One thought on “Folly or why not?

  1. I see no issues with it. A billion is a lot for some amusement, but if you have it… Test servers are over-rated ;-p . But seriously, that would be pretty cool. I am in an alliance, but I have no idea how the mechanics work.

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