Well Played CCP Santa

The second round of Christmas Gifts were handed out last night by CCP – a random selection from (I would guess) 4 different re-skinned frigates, a special pair of boots, a special blueprint, 23 special Commodities, and 27 different trading cards, CA1 or 2 implants, or some Carbon (Coal).

Across my 3 accounts I got 2 of the different frigates types (3 in total), 3 implants, 9 special commodities, 10 trading cards and some coal.

Why was this done well by CCP?  There is a large amount of market trading going on as people buy, sell and trade these.  I’ve spent around 150M across Rens, Amarr and Jita picking up the remaining frigate hulls, at least one of each of the commodities, the boots, and a selection of the trading cards.  (Not going to get all of those.)  You could actually make a real profit at the moment – but I just plan to thrown them all into my storage container filled with these sorts of once off gifts and items of interest.  Its my hoarding tendencies…