Oops – that was premature

I’ve been working on maximising my mining yield. Not for any particular reason – more just because I can.

My Booster maximised his Orca and Mining Leadership skills, and my main just finished off maximising his Mining skills.

I updated each toons EFT data and compared their yield against the all rank V character, expecting to see the same numbers. While my main was maximised, the boosting from my Alt was down a little.

Scratching my head I looked at the skills affecting the Mining Foreman Link to find Warfare Link Specialist at IV. Checking in EFT, and then confirming in game showed that that particular skill also improved Mining Yield.

I never knew. Bragging rights will have to be on hold for another 30 odd days for me to finish the Sensor Compensation skills to IV and then start on Warfare Link Specialist V.

One thought on “Oops – that was premature

  1. I’ve got those bragging rights of Warfare Link Specialist 5 on my Orca alt, however, I am too poor to be able to afford the Mindlink. So I must refrain from bragging, too. I’m hard pressed to believe that hisec income will fund my Mindlink endeavor.

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