More Gum than Bite

Fear the... oh, ok, nothing here

Fear the… oh, ok, nothing here

I’m not entirely sure why I bothered, but I armed my Small Empire Research POS.

The only risk the POS faces is if I get a War Declaration. It seems unlikely given I only have two Labs online, but stranger things have happened.

I’d like to be able to put up a token defense of the tower if that was to occur, so online went 8 Small Laser and 2 Warp Disruption Batteries. I anchored a further 3 Small Laser Batteries that can be onlined if I remove the Labs.

I will also set up a couple throw away ships to use in its defense. I am thinking of a pair of Dominix. I can park one Alt manning the guns, my main and another Alt in the Domi’s, and at least go down making noise.

Of course the preparations are likely a waste – but once again, it keeps me amused.

I finally sat down and looked closely at the research required on the 50+ BPO I had purchased over the last month or two. Turns out almost all of them do not require ME research (the Containers and POS Structures all have no wastage at ME0). That leaves just the new Destroyers, the Mining Frigate, and the Survey Probes that will need ME research – most of which are already well on the way to targeted levels.

(I would like if the BPO provided some indication on what ME and PE research would provide, instead of having to rely on third party tools.)

Arguably the POS might only need to be run for another month – but I expect I will make use of the copy slots and maybe work on some of my older BPO.

The market is quieter at the moment, but the Containers are still turning over ok, and I’ve collected a surprising number of Christmas collectibles on cheap buy orders. I will re-sell those, although I am not sure on what the best timing for that will be.

I’ve even done some mining – which turns over a surprisingly good profit with the Boosting Orca and two mining Toons running at the same time.  So much Carebearing…

8 thoughts on “More Gum than Bite

  1. The Container BPO’s all of which require no ME Research, but i wouldnt be surprised at the countless many that will research them to 100 or more thinking its better; or to fool unsuspecting Contract Buyers that their high ME researched container BPO is better than yours at 0 ME. That is a game within the game itself played by many who are quite are of other players ingnorance.

    • I have a couple BPO in my collection that I would never sell or make copies of to sell – because I am embarrassed by mistakenly grossly over researching them. Easy newbie mistake to make though given the lack of detail on it within the game.

  2. It’s so weird for me to think of “throwaway Domis”. So noob of me I know.
    I’m currently saving up for my first Battleship – I’ve bought a BPC and am putting together the materials while I skill up. Then maybe I can do Level 4s enough to get the standing that will let me put up a small empire POS. 🙂

    But will anyone be attacking a POS within range of small batteries? Presumably they have longer range that a normal small laser?

    • I remember my first L4 Battleship – a Raven, way back when. How quickly it died… I like your approach to build it yourself – but take your first L4 missions very carefully and slowly!

      A Small Beam Laser Battery has an optimal range of 187km, and a fall-off of 50km. The Pulse Batteries have a 52km optimal and 14km fall-off. You then put Medium sized crystals in them which modifies those ranges. Amarr based POS also modify those figures again – my Dark Blood Control tower adds 50% to optimal range and 25% to damage. So the POS should be able to hit any ship able to hit it.

      The reality is however the DPS from the POS would be tankable without a great fuss by a small gang. They are just there more for show, and to make any manual defence just that little bit more unpredictable.

    • Just be careful – I think they changed the mechanics in the last patch / expansion. I went into some L4 the other day with a fully tanked Domi and almost died to some warp disrupting frigates, sensor dampening cruisers and a ton of DPS from some battleships. Not being able to target anything for minutes let my drones find their own targets and of course attracted aggro.

      Basically, don’t fly what you can not lose…. Just saying… Use your BS for some L3s first….

  3. I am not sure that is good logic. If you are wardecced, you have 24h to tear down the POS and store in in some station. Why give satisfaction of a fight? But then again, you could hire some Mercs to defend you 😉

    • I am not too fussed about losing the POS or some ships. Basically if I have the time to defend it, I wouldn’t mind throwing a couple of Domi at it for my own amusement. If I don’t have the time, I can pull it down. I played around with some setups yesterday with two domi’s remote repairing (x2) and cap transferring (x4) which was almost cap stable (14+ minutes), each with 90K EHP, a 620 DPS tank and doing 550+ DPS out to 100km with Sentries (+40km fall off). One toon manning the guns and a disruptor and an extra 1,100 dps from drones sounds amusing. Need to do some training though, didn’t realise that I had not done Drone Sharpshooting to V on my main. Anyway – all hypothetical. My Alt accounts have never been war’ed before.

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