2012 went that a-way, here comes 2013

Red’s question of the month was timely, given I was already penning a related blog:

“Does your Eve Online character have a New Year’s resolution? Do you specifically use the beginning of the new year as a clean slate for a new direction, adventure or skill plan for your character or Corp?”

The short pedantic answer is no – I don’t specifically use the New Year as a fresh start in EVE. I do however take the time to review how I am travelling against my objectives, and possibly add some new ones. (I attribute my longevity in EVE to always have a long list of goals I want to work towards.)

The Alt Corp Mining Op

The Alt Corp Mining Op

The Year that 2012 was: (2011 can be read here)

My Main went from 90 to 110M SP. He spent 140 odd days of training on Capitals, getting all the hull and tank skills to rank IV. He got to the point where he can fly and fit every ship in the game aside Titans. He maximised his Mining Skills, picked up Recon and Covert Ops V, and improved his Exploration Skills.

Alt 1 went from 83 to 103M SP. He is 19 days off maximising his Orca boosting skills. He trained up all Racial Frigate and Cruiser skills to V, and is able to use all T2 Small and Medium weaponry. He also picked up Recon V, Interceptor V, Industrial Command Ships V, Covert Ops V and Assault ships V.

Alt 2 went from 16 to 33M SP. She mostly worked on Science and Manufacturing skills, and also picked up Wholesale V and Tycoon IV.

Alt 3 is unchanged at 10M SP.

Alt 4 went from 2 to 3M SP – picking up some extra Hauling and PI skills.

Hope my Carrier doesn't end up like this one in 2013

Hope my Carrier doesn’t end up like this one in 2013

My EVE Game time was hit really hard this year by real life (mostly the wife and kids). It ebbed and flowed, but overall it was the worst I’ve had in the six years I’ve been playing. It left me to contemplate giving up on EVE a couple of times through sheer frustration. In the end I dropped out of the Player Corporation I was a member of so that no one had to rely on me, and focused on areas of the game where I could walk away at a moment’s notice.

Given that, I’m surprised at how much game time I managed to fit in. I went to bed after midnight a lot.

One of my key goals crashed out in 2012 – which was increasing my passive income levels. My PI efforts became more and more sporadic over time, and now are rarely run. Frankly, while the income is worthwhile, I just find the process too boring. I also haven’t done a Datacore collection run since around June, when CCP changed the rules relating to them. My passive income dropped from around 200M a month to maybe 25M.

My plans to lose a Loki while Roaming through Wormhole space failed. Basically for 6 odd months my Player Corporation was constantly requesting we don’t pad the killboard with silly losses. Now that I am playing Solo again, I should fix that.

I ended up inventing and manufacturing more than a dozen different types of items, but this effort really trailed off in the second half of the year. In part this is because of how overly complicated and time consuming it can be to source all the ingredients at fair prices.

I re-anchored my POS, and am in the process of finishing off the researching of around 50 new BPO. A core reason for this was to be prepared for the possible and hoped for POS revamp in 2013.

I had a major cleanup of assets, and transitioned my Main to operating out of multiple mobile Orca bases.

I spent a lot of ISK on updating the implants on my various Clones – although still have work to do in that regard.

I spent the biggest proportions of my time in Exploration and Backwater Trading. I did next to no missioning or PVP (3 kills and no losses for the year).

I spent a lot of time in EFT – in part due to game changes, in part using experience and new knowledge to get more from my ships.

I would estimate my Main made around 2B of income in the year from Exploration, Mining and a bit of Trade. He sold around 10B worth of assets, and spent about half of that on Orca’s, Implants and new Toys. His net worth would have increased overall, but as with last year, most of this would be due to the positive impact of inflation against his assets.

My Alt Corp had a good year. Its liquid assets increased by around 3.5B, compared to a 1.0B increase in the previous year. That is currently made up of:

2.4B Bank
1.2B Up for Sale
0.2B PI Goods
1.0B Manufacturing Ingredients
0.6B POS Fuel

It also spent ISK on implants and skill books for the Industry Alts, extra POS equipment, and additional BPO. Its main ISK drain going forward will be POS fuel, which is costing about 77M a month.

I also have around 190,000 research points on my Main and Alt 1 – which are some 3,800 Datacores. I am not sure what they will be worth. Probably should check.

Current Goals:

. About 20 odd housekeeping tasks in my to do list

. Continue to focus more on the Trade and Manufacturing opportunities from game expansions and updates

. Update my spreadsheets to make it easier to calculate manufacturing costs and requirements for T2 goods

. Create my Own Alliance

. Spend more time in Low Sec

. Finally lose that Loki in Wormhole space

. Even though I won’t really use them, spend the 40 days to finish off my main’s Capital training to cover all skills at rank IV.


Thanks to those who have read and commented on the blog this year.  While traffic is only a small faction of the big EVE blogs, I did see a 4 fold increase in views in 2012.  It is still keeping me amused and focused on the game, so is achieving its goals.  Best of luck for the New Year to you all – may the loot and trade gods be kind to you.

5 thoughts on “2012 went that a-way, here comes 2013

  1. Thanks a bunch for the link! It really is amazing how much things can change over the course of a year. I’ve read quite a few blogs that review their Eve 2012 adventures, and everyone seems to do things a little different. I share a lot of the same interests with you and Splatus at “A Journey Through the Mind”. I also saw my passive income streams go away with the changes to datacores and customs office tax in empire…not to mention the rediculous inflation in the price of PLEX, which keeps me good and broke in-game.
    Congrats on a great 2012, and I hope 2013 brings you great things in Eve and real life.

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