Various notes from the last week or so…

I love the Retribution log in screen.  I don’t like how it stops/starts/splutters as you actually log in.

It’s just conjecture, but is there less chatter in local (outside of the trade hubs) since Retribution?  I wonder if the tendency for people to put bounties on anyone talking is having an impact.

I updated my printed EVE maps that I have sitting beside my PC.  For the first time I went for DOTLAN’s PDF maps instead of Ombey’s maps.  They are not quite as nicely laid out or as readable when printed – but I appreciate how up to date they are.

I’ve picked up towards 100 odd Christmas collectibles and Frigates on very cheap buy orders.  I hope in the long run I might turn a nice profit on these.

I refit my Wormhole Loki – swapping in a nullifier subsystem which meant I lost 1 gyro.  I dropped one Shield Extender for a Sensor Booster.  I also (a little unsure about this one) swapped out the scram / web for a long point / scram setup.  I also put a couple collectibles and trade goods in the hold for good measure.

I grabbed and setup two Domis for POS defense.  It wasn’t quite as cheap and throw away as I had thought – the hulls cost double what they did last time I purchased one.

I played around with the four new destroyers for PVE.  The DPS of the Algos is frightening, and the Corax looks great with rockets spewing out of it – but they don’t tank particularly well and I went back to my ever reliable Retribution.

I played around with all those new hulls I picked up for myself – the Hookbill, Firetail, Worm, Daredevil and Gila.  Took quite some time to work out and test fittings, but I ended up only keeping one in my hanger – a Gila set up for Exploration / L3 Missions.

After I finishing training to allow my Trade Alt to create an Alliance, I am going to have to consider training Tycoon V.  I currently have more than 200 out of a possible 269 market orders open.

I am now running my EVE clients (Windowed) at 2110×1200.  I further adjusted the window positions, made use of the great small fonts options in the overview, and can now see more scenery when flying around instead of just windows opened everywhere.

The current client setup

The current client setup

I have been back into wormhole space – but nothing to report as yet.

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