Well actually…

Back in December – after reading a blog post from Rixx Javix, I remarked on the negative impact of the DED 1/10 and 2/10 static complex changes in Retribution. In short, apparently they had been a source of low sec PVP which was now lost.

Poetic Stanziel recently mentioned a follow up EO Forum post from CCP Fozzie, looking for player feedback on implementing some sort of solution:


He suggests (with no promises) the idea of complexes with size restrictions on gates, and no NPCs or loot, basically as a way to give the function of the old complexes without the farming potential.

I didn’t read every reply, but overall there did seem to be a level of honesty. It wasn’t really about having a hull restricted location for PVP. Some sort of worthwhile loot was needed – it was the bait which drew in extra targets to hunt.

CCP Fozzie is probably barking up the wrong tree.

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