I might have missed that boat

Member Limit

This tiny image shows my current member limit for my Personal Corp. I would have to have 367 accounts to fill the Corp with my own alts. I suspect my wife wouldn’t approve.

I’m down to under a fortnight from when I can create my Alliance. I have a tentative name ready, although admit it is mediocre at best.

Special Edition Stores

I’ve pulled my Special Edition Asset buy orders, sold off a few full sets, sold off the more profitable items, and stored away the excess for re-sale further down the track. I realised most of the collectibles probably won’t have much of a market. I should have sold those much earlier. Never mind, overall I’ve covered all my costs and made a couple hundred Mil in profits. Some of the speculative items might turn a good profit in the future – the Frigates should do ok if I give it 6 months or more.

I picked up an extra month worth of fuel for my POS on a buy order the other week – at a 45% discount. Certainly worth keeping up buy orders.