Only up to page 54..

I don’t think I will read another CSM Summit Minutes in this overly detailed format. I must admit that the nuances that come across between participants is informative and useful, but it is a long task full of stuff that will never hit tranquility. I could be spending my limited time on better EVE pursuits.

I got the impression while reading the Null Sec related conversations that CCP were only really listening out for certain answers. Aside the leading questions, they kept swinging back to topics the CSM did not appear that focused on. Such as..

Soundwave added that the alliance structure as it exists today needs to be reworked.


Soundwave asked the CSM about alliance management tools

For the most part it was more of the same, the CSM raised force projection, blobbing, unused space, difficulty for new parties to enter, destructible stations, industry, limited influence of small gangs, lack of wonder and so on.

Seleene .. null-sec is currently too predictable and well-known.

Trebor – Living in a place, he argued, should be based on the ability to use the space as opposed to blowing up structures and alarm clocking

Two Step – general theme of null-sec having a unique industrial resource or a vastly more efficient one

Kelduum went so far as to note that he believed the exercise was a waste of time (due to lack of any value out of previous such discussions with CCP), and Seleene mirrored that – although apparently less politely.

I found most of the discussions were aimed at the current state of play / current inhabitant (instead of getting more solo and small corps out there), however there was this quote:

Soundwave’s – null-sec should include a venue for many playstyles.

That was followed up by mentioning they had measurements on the different user demographics in 0.0, but unfortunately it wasn’t able to be quoted.  Maybe they will spread the love.

There was plenty about making 0.0 more valuable and trying to stop the process of importing everything from Jita. Super Veldspar, special mining options, scaling refining to be more effective in a fully upgraded 0.0 station than anywhere else.  Mostly however it came down to wanting to reward people who use their space, and reward small hostile gangs for attacking space – but with no real standout ideas on how to do it.

In the end I came away with nothing I was excited about, and nothing I thought would increase the general population in 0.0.