Wanting to Undock

I wanted to quickly note a comment I made on Ugleb’s blog – it ties in with my comments on the CSM minutes about War Decs.

I’ve raised the statistic that the majority of current War Dec’s result in no loss of ships – suggesting they may be failing in one aspect to generate PVP.  I wanted to repeat my suggestions here in the hope they provide the examples I needed to explain my train of thought.

The question – What can be done to increase the number of people defending themselves in War Decs?  This is something you can’t force – but what can be done to encourage it?  I thought of two quick examples:

. Allow the creator of a War Dec to optionally select that PODs are not covered by the declaration. This might increase (slightly) the number of people willing to undock and fight back.

. Allow the creator to optionally declare the War Dec will cease at the destruction of a certain number of hulls – 5, 10, 20 etc. This would exclude shuttles and rookie ships, and the total would be counted from the losses of both sides. So in effect a Corp is rewarded for fighting back.

The current standard war dec remains – I am not looking to change that.  I am just looking at optional variations of a war which might promote more PVP.  Any other suggestions that might work better?

** EDIT 23.01.2012

Noticed this idea on a comment on Jester Trek’s blog here

. Put a percentage of the War Dec Fee into Concord Escrow, and at the end of the war return 75% to the winner (most ISK destroyed), and 25% to the loser.  If no damage is done, all the money goes back to the aggressor.  Careful selection of fights with T1 frigates could see the defender lose more hulls, but win the ISK war, and maybe profit from the experience.  It would at least add another dynamic.

5 thoughts on “Wanting to Undock

  1. The one thing that came to mind was that in modern warfare as we somewhat know it to be in todays world is you cannot systematically attack innocent as well unarmed civilians and expect that the rest of the world not to say anything about it from all corners of the world.

    So in a way War does have some conditions… somewhat. If War did not have conditions or for the hearts and minds of the people there innocent and unarmed then any nation with a modern military could use their most deadly weapon arsenal of which many have plenty to ruin it all for all of us everywhere. Wars would be over almost literally before you could say it was even started with the deadly arsenal used.

    But it don’t go like that. Much care get put into play, not to target innocent civilians and the unarmed or those not involved. I guess thats a condition of War.

    No options for such conditions exist in EVE i guess.

    • I couldn’t see a “combat ship only” type clause (save the civilians) working as a War Dec Option. Someone not that interested in combat would just ensure they spend the period in haulers or barges – happy as larry. It is an interesting analogy, in the sense of how brutal the EVE back story is.

  2. I really like the idea of configurable (and optional) victory conditions or restrictions, I can see that being useful for friendly contests or even as some sort of epeen insult to use when throwing down the gauntlet..

  3. Giving back the fee, or a significant portion of the war-dec fee, would be dangerous. It could easily lead to permanent war-decs on carebear corporations.

    Setting victory conditions sounds reasonable, but it is little more than forcing an ISK sink on the war-decced corp. At war? No problem! Just throw 100 million ISK down the drain and watch the problem go away. That’s still not a solution.

    Maybe the answer is making mercenary corporations more feasible, using a combination of conditions. Mercenaries need to be more affordable, which maybe could happen if Concord is allowed to pay a successful mercenary corporation with some of the war-dec fee. They need to buy their ships, after all.

    I have no idea how this might be brought about, though. People smarter than me can think about it.

    • Good point about the fee. The original suggestion was for 50% of the fee being put up as a prize. Maybe the only payout goes to the defender, if they manage to do more than 50% of the damage.

      Victory conditions wouldn’t force the defender to fight – just give them a defined goal they could target if they wanted. Lets throw away 100M and maybe have some fun / learn something, or lose 1,000M in not being able to mission, rat or mine. That sort of it equation.

      It certainly isn’t an easy area.

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