Maximised Rock Munching – nearly but not

EVEMon flashed up a notification just before – Mining Drone Operation V completed.

I don’t generally use mining drones, but I put aside the training time just to complete the final step in being able to say I have a max’d Miner.

No particular reason for ths – it is fairly rare that I actually mine.  It just seems appropriate if I am to call myself an Empire Carebear, then I should play the part.

So my Alt has Industrial Command Ships V, Capital Industrial Ships V, Warfare Link Specialist V, Mining Foreman V, Mining Director V and a Mining Foreman Mindlink – giving perfect mining boosts in either an Orca or Rorqual.

My main has Mining Frigate, Barge and Exhumer skills all to V, and now Mining Drone Operation V.  He has all the mining related skills to V -Astrogeology, Mining, Gas Cloud Harvesting, Ice Harvesting and… oh crap.  Deep Core Mining is only II.  I won’t find Mercoxit in Empire, do I really need that?  He also has the MX-1005 Mining implant to maximise yield.  Oh crap again – there is the Michi’s Excavation Augmentor which he doesn’t have.  Those are going for 1.57B in Jita at the moment.  I am not going to spend that much on just a tiny amount of bragging rights.

Ok – I have an almost Max’d miner – he just needs Deep Core Mining V and the Michi Implant.  Actually, it looks lame when you have to explain it that way – it also doesn’t have a nice ring to it.  I might just admit defeat and sideline this mini-goal.  If anyone asks, I’ll just say I can mine pretty good…