Mining PVP

SynCaine had an interesting post on one of my pet topics – the complexity of the player interactions in EVE. It is worth a read.

I’ve remarked before about how Trade and Manufacturing are in my definition very much player v player, just without so many explosions. I’ve also said how Exploration also has a real Player v Player aspect – hunting and competing for limited resources, sometimes with rushes to get to cans or faction drops first.

Back before Asteroid belts respawned daily, there was competition between players in mining. It was not uncommon to have a rush after downtime to attack just refreshed belts, or after a couple of days find you had to travel a couple of systems to find a full belt to work on.  I wonder what could be done to re-introduce some of that type of mining PvP. (Sometimes it seems that too much attention is focused on explosions in EVE – and while they are a critical part of the game, putting them on a pedestal as the be all and end all can take focus away from the rest of the game.)

The sort of thing I am thinking about:

. End the fully automatic daily re-spawn of belts

. Halve the size of most Belts

. Belts are no longer in a static position – once a belt is cleared, it despawns and a new beacon appears in a different location. (Concord opening up a new public belt)

. Belts have to be cleared fully to respawn – although anything 85/90% cleared will be automatically respawned at downtime

It would need polish – but belt ratting can continue as it was before, and miners have to move around more and make decisions on when and if they trigger belt respawns, or just take the choicest rocks and hope someone else clears up the scrap to get a new belt.

Why not make it even more interesting? Add a module to the game that can hide / mask an Asteroid Belt Beacon? Maybe you have to pay CONCORD a tax to use it in High Sec? The belt can still be scanned down (via probes), but it gives a miner another method of trying to keep a resource to themselves for a little longer.

Throw ICE belts into the same sort of mix – although you would have to limit them to only a few asteroids so that they would actually respawn. Or maybe CONCORD brought in Titians and doomsday all the huge ice rocks, so now there are small fragments all over the place.

Note the above does makes mining a little safer in some aspects – or at least makes the gankers work harder at it. That is not actually my goal. It is – with as simple a mechanism as possible, to make the asteroid resources have a little more player v player aspect to them. It also doesn’t make the mechanism of mining all that much more interesting, although might make it a little harder for bots.

2 thoughts on “Mining PVP

  1. Read Syncaine blog i read it often and he does have a very good point that i’ve always agreed with. Anyone that does any real substance of manufacturing and trading in EVE understand what makes the market flow in one vicious circle. Things get made and sold, they get bought and go bang, more stuff get made, get sold and go bang bang. Its the natural flow of things in EVE that make the market go round and round.

    As for the last point, would be gankers will never want players who mine to have it any easier and they certainly don’t want their job to gank someone else get harder. As a matter of fact they wound want their job to gank someone else to likely get easier while the miner’s job get more difficult. Thats kinda EVE in a screwed up way.

  2. Not sure it even really makes ganking harder, less regular maybe, just involves a bit more mooching around with dscan/alts.

    Really like the proposals including the module, they’d all add towards making the world seem a little more dynamic and interesting.

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