The Inaugural EVEHermit Competition

In recognition of my 2 years of EVE blogging, and the imminent creation of my own Alliance, I am going to run a small competition.

On offer – your choice of one of

. My favorite fit PVE Retribution
. My preferred fit Exploration Buzzard
. A T2 passive tanked PVE Osprey Navy Issue

The value of each works out very roughly at a bit over 50M. It will be delivered anywhere in Empire (no islands please), contracted by my main, from my Alt Corp in its new Alliance. Knowledge you can choose to ignore or grief, or whatever takes your fancy.

(Note the fits of the Buzzard and Retribution will probably require fairly well trained pilots. You might need to downgrade some items to T1, or go for the Osprey if your SP levels are low. I give no guarantee that you won’t be laughed at if killed flying these fits.)

The competition part? Come up with a suggestion for my new Alliance name. Truth be told I already have something suitably lame worked out, but I am certainly open to suggestions. I will select the most suited for a Risk Adverse Carebear EVE Hermit, or which make me laugh, and randomly pick one of them. The competition winner will be announced and prize delivered some time next weekend (February 9/10th).

(I am mindful this could end up resulting in the embarrassing sound of crickets – so I am relying on some of the regular posters to at least throw me a life line. 🙂 )

28 thoughts on “The Inaugural EVEHermit Competition

    • Interestingly you need at least 500 members (from memory) before you can apply for an Alliance Logo. Pretty sure the wife might kick up a fuss if I created 164 extra accounts… I like the suggestion though.

  1. “Hermits United”

    I was trying to think up some twists around a Hermit having Corporation, let alone an Alliance 🙂 I have to admit that this name comes from Doctor Who so is not original to me.

  2. Hermit Social Club
    The Social Butterflies
    Single Hermits Alone Together – “About a Boy” reference 🙂

    How many entries are allowed? Some might be more appropriate names for a corporation than an alliance… To be honest, it was just fun to come up with some ideas – not really in it for the prize as I do not play much 🙂

  3. My Alliance is OOE – Orphans of EVE so “Hermits of EVE” could work if it’s not taken. Will give credit to the other person above with a similar name but had “The” in front of it.

  4. ====================

    No more entries accepted after this point. Winners and feedback should be posted later today. The deed has been done, and I don’t want to see some brilliant idea I wish I had used!


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