So I have an Alliance

So I have an Alliance.

I’ve come up with a few excuses for doing this – but honestly they don’t come anywhere near justifying the skill training and cost. It basically just comes down to the fact it amuses me.

With that confessed, I do envision a few benefits.

. I am in the process of having my Cyno Alt’s Corp join. I lose the out of Alliance Pilot, but that allows me to maintain a single set of standings instead of the two

. I can look at the options for allowing POS access to Alliance Members

. If I get a War Dec, I have an extra PVP ready Toon I can use

. I will be ready for whenever CCP get around to revamping POS and Alliance management, both flagged as being somewhat on the agenda

. I can forge out into Null and claim Sovereignty

Actually – while I am joking on that last point, I might well look at claiming an abandoned system just for shits and giggles. I will be able to say “My personal Alliance has owned a Null System.. for a few hours”. Nothing concrete planned for that however.

The process of creating the Alliance was actually far more time consuming and – frankly – annoying than expected. You cannot create an alliance with the same name as one that exists (obviously), or that has previously existed (fairly obvious, but I didn’t notice it mentioned on the Alliance WIKI page.)

The problem was that I could not find a way to accurately check if an alliance name was available or not. I could search in the client, and I used dotlan alliances lists (including dead), but I quickly found neither covered every Alliance that had ever existed.

As such, the only way you knew for certain that a name was available, was trying to create an Alliance with it. Given you want an Alliance name you are somewhat happy with, you have to spend time researching it until you were invested with it and had made that definite (and not always easy) decision to go with it. Then you get the answer – “the computer says no”

The Computer Says No
I ended up with my 8th or 9th choice. I can’t say I’m especially enthused, but I appreciate that it is oxymoronic, and was derived from a number of the competition entries.

Now to hand out some prizes I have waiting in my hanger.

I gave each unique poster to the competition thread a number based on their posting order, and then pulled out one of my sets of old roleplaying dice and rolled.

The Random Winner of the Inaugural EVEHermit Blog Competition

Is Jakob Anedalle

Please EVEMail EveHermit in game with your choice of one of the following, plus where in Empire you would like it delivered, and the email address used against your blog comment (just so I can confirm it is you).

Prize choices:

. A Faction Fit Hi Sec Exploration Buzzard (Covert Ops) (Value ~120M)
. Or a Faction Fit PVE Retribution (Assault Frigate) (Value ~102M)
. Or a T2 Fitted PVE Osprey Navy Issue (Cruiser) (Value ~73M)

Second Random Winner is

Peter Hegedus

As with Jakob, please EVEMail EveHermit in game with your first and second choice of the above ships, where in Empire you would like it delivered, and the email address against your blog comment. You will get your first choice of the two remaining hulls


Plus there are two consolation prize winners (selected by me)

The first is Pitstop, whose entry was the closest to my final decision. Sorry if it sounds like a poor consolation prize, but you will get the final ship hull. Same request as above, just EveMail EveHermit with your chosen empire station and the email address used for your comment.

And the final prize goes out to Helena Khan – for the suggestion of Hermitage which I actually tried to use, in various forms, but were unfortunately all unavailable. Another EveMail from you too please. You are getting 4 Faction Frigate Hulls (valued at approximately 49M).

May they add, just a little, to your EVE experiences.  If you don’t want them, please give them away as you feel fit.  Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

(** Note I grabbed the EveHermit toon a couple months ago when I realised it wasn’t taken.  It is an unused Toon.  I will check for EVEMails for this competition, but afterwards it won’t generally be logged in.  It is currently in the State War Academy.  Please let me know sooner rather than later on your preferences.  In hindsight if the first or second prize winners take a while to respond, the lower winners might be stuck waiting for their prizes.  I probably should have thought that through better!)

7 thoughts on “So I have an Alliance

  1. Wow. Thanks there, I’ll drop you a line next time I’m on. I’ll look forward to hearing about you taking Sov. 🙂

    Now, was I just too excited about actually winning something, or did you decline to let us know what your final choice of Alliance name was?

    • I haven’t mentioned it, but it is easily guessed / found. You’ll see it for yourself anyway – the prizes are being contracted by my Main, who is in the new Alliance.

  2. Much to my amusement the first 3 prize drop offs have been on the opposite corners of EVE. Just waiting on Pitstop to contact me to arrange the drop off of the Osprey Navy Issue.

      • The last of the 344M in prices has now been contracted. Thanks again to all who were involved.

        Not entirely happy with the fitting on your ship Pitstop. You might want to repurpose or sell for something more useful! My only real purpose however was to hopefully give the winners something different to fly.

  3. I actually lack the skills for Caldari Ships (and for missiles). But it might be something new and fun to try out… I am unlikely to sell purely because I won it 🙂 It’s more fun to own the ship than to add to the bank balance.

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