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As has already been covered on multiple blogs, the most likely final version of the destroyer and battlecruiser skill revamp has been detailed in a Dev Blog

I’m not that fussed with the explanations as to why this is being done. I don’t think too many players were complaining about the old structure, and aside initial confusion, I don’t think too many players will be complaining about the new structure either once some time passes.

The Dev blog actually details a much wider range of changes to prerequisite skills of basically all T1 hulls, including Capitals and ORE. Instead of the Rank V requirements in Battleships for Racial Carrier, or Mining Barge V for the Rorqual, you will need only rank III. The general timings to hop into these sorts of hulls will be around the same, but just bulked out by prerequisites of other more obvious support skills.

In some (most?) cases however this is a buff – as to fly the ships properly you needed those support skills anyway, so you end up saving training time in the long run.

They are also renaming some of the ships classes – Assault ships become Assault Frigates, Heavy Assault Ships become Heavy Assault Cruisers, and Heavy Interdictors become Heavy Interdiction Cruisers. (What we called them anyway).

So in summary cross-racial training will be slowed down for sub-capitals, but you should be able to reach each large hull size quicker within each Racial Chain. Generally Capital cross training will be faster, generally T2 specialisation will be faster, and you will have two paths for ORE ship progression, mining and industrial support.

All seems logical enough, and just quietly, might keep the newer player a little more enthused with achieving extra hulls quicker.

One of the most interesting bits for me was that the Industrials are (in hindsight obviously) going to be overhauled from the Tier approach to a Role approach – and the mighty Iteron Mark V will only require rank I to fly instead of V. I must admit I am rather excited at the thought of having a use for all the Industrial Hulls. I would presume we would get hulls with..

. More tank, less speed, less cargo
. More speed, less cargo, less tank
. More cargo, less speed, less tank

The speed version might include native warp core stab strength like the venture, or mask cargo like the Covert Transports. I wonder if it will include special holds on some of the ships – like we have for PI goods, or the Ore holds in the ORE ships.  Regardless, I like having choice.

Both my Main and Main Alt already have all related skills to rank V, so the only preparation they require is just to double check my clone level before I get a mini flood of extra SP.

I have three more trained Alts which I had not initially intended to do any preparation on. However the Cyno / Covert Ops / PVE Alt would benefit from being able to fly all the racial Destroyer and Battlecruiser hulls, so I added about 8 days of training to his training plan. It would be useful for my Main Industry Alt to be able to fly the same hulls – more for transporting of trade purchases, so 12 days was added to her training plan. Finally my PI alt could also benefit from the same – more just in giving me options for hauling ships – so she got 16 days added to her training plan.

I grabbed the missing skill books this morning – the process should keep that account busy for a bit over a month.

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