Logging in just to update market orders and reset PI runs tends to break the immersive nature of EVE. At best it tends to be a distraction, and worse a chore.

A month or two back – while looking for Harry Potter books for my Son, I unexpectedly happened across the two EVE Novels on the shelf of a local book store. On a whim I purchased them. I don’t have much spare time to read, but I have made a start on The Empyrean Age.

It doesn’t fall into the “can’t put down” category, but it has certainly been worth a read so far. What it has done a good job of is reminding me about the size, scope and NPC politics within the environment I am playing.

A quote from its earlier pages on Capsuleers:

“He’s not human” Vince shouted. “These freaks don’t give a goddam how many people they kill because they don’t fear death! There are no consequences to anything they do!”

Reading the book has given me back a little bit of that coolness factor about the game.

I know EVE role-players are the target of more than a few jokes, but I suspect some of them probably get a whole lot more out of the game than the average Carebear does. I’m a touch envious.

I’m already well on track to make another Billion ISK this month. I don’t think I am doing anything particularly different – and there is in fact more competition at the moment. It just comes down to there seeming to be a lot more people logged on and buying things so far this year.

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