So this is the world – interesting

I missed a couple nights of online gaming while reading the rest of the Empyrean Age Novel.

It would be interesting to know what people think of it who don’t play EVE, or possibly more importantly, hadn’t read the Chronicles.

It was better than I had expected – although I suspect a chunk of that relates to the fact I was already aware of a lot of the lore it pieced together fairly well.

There were some things I liked a lot – the concept of the Broker and his motivation, the understanding Jamyl Sarum came to right at the end of the book, the whole concept of Falek and Marius, and boy did Marcus’s ship sound like something I would like to fly. I even felt like I finally understood why Capsuleers are treated so differently.

Other things I didn’t like so much. I understood the reasons for the internal conflict felt by the Keitan Yun character, but not how it was played out. I felt the same about Korvin Lears and Lea. The transformation of Tibus Heth seemed to have a few misses in it. The religious thoughts of some of the Amarr seemed so overpowering that you questioned how they functioned well enough to hold the positions they did. Basically the characterisation was not always as polished as it should have been.

Anyway, when I undock my various toons now, I will be roleplaying just a little more within my own mind.. At least for a few days anyway.

4 thoughts on “So this is the world – interesting

  1. Have you read “The Burning Life”, it came out before Empyrean Age (2010) and by Hjalti Danielsson (CCP Abraxas).

    Plus, if you want a very good lore tie-in & explanation of the tech behind the Dusters ability to clonejump w/o a POD… you simply MUST read “Templar One” by T. Gonzales… Good read also BTW… I think Tony is getting better at character development.

    • I haven’t been able to find The Burning Life in local stores. Looks like I will have to order it. I have Templar One waiting to be read. Is there a problem reading them out of order?

  2. Templar One is not an actual ‘sequel’ to Empyrean Age but it most assuredly follows several key characters first met in EA.

    The Burning Life stands alone in time and characters. A decent ride and worth reading IMHO.

    I have great hope Mr Gonzales will continue to develop stories based on his characters as things happen and change in New Eden.

  3. LOL I forgot to add… I used a bit of role play and tied in Templar One’s storyline into my post on BB 41: “YC113 An Empyrean Odyssey”… One of my ‘actors’ in the proffered TV Series is a rouge Templar… =]

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