My EVE time continues to be sporadic and much interrupted. We got two cats at the start of the year, and since then our three year old daughter’s behaviour has been absolutely dreadful. She is unduly fascinated, and basically torments them though excessive attention. The battle to keep her separated from them (and the resulting frequent tantrums) requires constant attention and very hard work.

I am thankful that I am both in Empire, and not in a player Corp at the moment. When I have been able to log in, at least I can do my PI or trade updates without guilt.

My Main and Main Alt have mostly been docked up and quietly training. They have both been concentrating on Drone Skills – making sure they have Combat Drone Operation V, Drone Navigation V and Drone Sharpshooting V (for the various T2 Drone Ship Modules), and also Repair Drone and Mining Drone Operation V. My Main also picked up an Ashimmu, Cruor, Phantasm and Succubus to play around with, but hasn’t got far with working out fits for each of them.

My Industry Alt finished off her Destroyer and Battlecruiser training, and handed the process off to my Covert Ops Alt.

I haven’t had the opportunity to look closer at the Corp and Alliance options – so no change there.

The POS is basically sitting idle – so no change there either.

Robotics have been turning over quickly and at good prices recently, so I am making between 80 to 100M on them each week. That is enough encouragement to keep the PI runs turning over for the moment.

Trade – despite more competition than normal, continues to do reasonably well.

Almost my entire stock of Station Containers has cleared from Empire – while in Low Sec around 30% have sold. I haven’t manufactured more – and probably won’t, but with patience the whole thing turned out to be relatively profitable.

Destroyer hulls continue to flip fairly well. It is small change – but has always added up over time.

While not a big area, I continue to make ISK on Faction Tags. I basically buy a small number of them, and once every couple of months I move everything to a trade hub for sale to NPC or player orders. I usually get margins of 40-50%, but it requires a lot of patience.

I also flip a selection of T2 Modules. I’ve had a lot more competition in this area of late, but since I am in the opposite time zone of most of them, I manage to pick up enough stock while they are sleeping to make it worthwhile.

The most profitable area continues to be mining hulls – particularly Retrievers, Ventures, and even Procurers are flipping well at the moment.

My effort to buy Battlecruisers before Retribution 1.1 was a failure – they just don’t turn over in my area. I did pick up one – at 10% of my buy order price. Someone missed a zero when putting their hull up on the market. I checked to make sure they were not a newish player – I’d have reimbursed the difference just to be nice, but they were old enough to know better. Profit for me.

I have put up buy orders for T1 Industry hulls – in preparation for their rebalancing. Every man and their dog had the same thought, so I don’t expect much volume there. I will manufacture them I think.

I have more recently started putting in buy orders for various T2 hulls, and even for Orca’s. These sell on only very low volume (as little as once a month) – but the margins tend to be between 30 and 70%, assuming I move them to a trade hub to flip them. It locks up a fair bit of collateral in escrow, but my trading has got to the point where I can cover this more comfortably. I picked up two hulls over the last week – which will make me a bit over 100M in profit when I move them to Amarr.

Another small area of reasonable profit is in implants. This is the flavour of the year, but I only do this in small and selective areas. There is a lot of competition is all the commonly used head gear, often with prices barely higher than in Trade Hubs. I target less common, low volume gear that turns a good profit, but walk away each time I get any real competition.

The last trade grouping gets lumped under Miscellaneous. These are things I generally manufacture when I see a gap in the market. As I have previously mentioned, I only tend to get a few weeks of profit before others move in on them. I’ve had nothing new added to this group recently, and the last item I added (survey probes) are no longer turning over.

An area I haven’t looked at recently, but I should – is flipping minerals and fuels and such. You can make good profits on these, but it can take a lot of 0.01ISK order updates, which I am not always in a position to do.

Anyway – that is the thing about trade, even when you are flat out and busy in real life, you can still touch on lots of different areas of the market, and more easily step in and out of it as required.